5 Fortnite-like games for Battle Royale lovers!

Do you like Fortnite and want games similar to it? Then meet the top 5! These are games that have the same colorful and animated look, with a construction and destruction system and with a great Battle Royale proposal! Check out the games and find out on which platforms they are available!

1. Realm Royale

  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch e PC
  • Launch: 2022

Free and cross-platform, Realm Royale is a game that is not as popular as others in the genre, but it is just as fun. Here you are also launched from a plane towards an island, without weapons, equipment and any items. The mission is to be the only survivor among 100 players. If you want, you can play in Squad mode, forming a team of up to four players.

There are some differences between Realm Royale in relation to other Battle Royale of the genre that need to be highlighted. The first one is that there is a crafting system. That is, it is possible to destroy found items to transform them into others, improved and more powerful. This is done in the Forge, a specific location on the map that often ends up swamped with players.

Another unique point of the game is that players can be KO'd by another player. When this happens, the loser is turned into a chicken. If he survives for a certain amount of time, he is transformed back into his original avatar. It is important to say that in this game there are four classes of characters. Each one has specific abilities and is best with specific weapons and equipment.

In terms of other features, Realm Royale is very similar to Fortnite and other games in the genre. It also has a Battle Pass, which rewards players with skins and other items.

2. Battlelands Royale

  • Platforms: iOS, Android e PC
  • Launch: 2022

Battlelands Royale has fewer players per match. This makes it easier to join matches and makes matches faster too. As the game is only for mobile devices, having fewer players makes it lighter. Battles usually last a maximum of five minutes, so expect plenty of intensity.

The characters are another special detail, as they are very cute. They are small, resembling tiny versions of Fortnite heroes. Once you've chosen yours, all you have to do is parachute into the terrain, grab your weapons and go shooting at everyone. That's because there is no waiting room.

As with other games of the genre, there are several maps you can play on. Once you've landed, there are plenty of locations you can loot, explore, or even use as a hideout. The only thing you can't do is take too long to act, as the storm is approaching, which will decrease the safe area of ​​the map.

Here you can also play alone, in pairs or in trios. There are battle passes, which give you unique and exclusive items to customize your characters. In Battlelands Royale there are also victory dances, skins and other acquisitions typical of Battle Royale. It is, therefore, a super fun, light game that deserves your attention.

3. Creative Destruction

  • Platforms: iOS, Android e PC
  • Launch: 2022

Creative Destruction has a very similar look to Fortnite, which makes you feel like you're in a world almost parallel to this game. It's the same scheme where you parachute into a map that is 4x4 kilometers in size! And you can explore all of this in both first and third person.

There are 13 different locations that you can discover while trying to survive the other players. The climate change system is very well designed, which gives it even more dynamism. And, of course, the map shrinks in size as time goes on, forcing you to be in the right place at the right time if you don't want to die.

Finally, the build and destroy system is almost infinite! You can destroy all the elements of the scenarios and use them to build real fortresses at an amazing speed, if you find yourself surrounded by enemies.

As for weapons, there are 14 basic weapons, which can be modified. Use your creativity, collect resources and develop an arsenal capable of eliminating enemies both from a distance and in melee combat.

4. Darwin Project

  • Platforms: iOS and Android
  • Launch: 2020

Darwin Project brings a slightly different proposal from Fortnite, as there are only 10 players vying to see who will be the only survivor. The game takes place in the icy mountains of Canada, where you have to face the cold and snowstorms in addition to the other 9 players.

Plus there are some really cool features where other players vote and interfere with game actions. Who is watching can decide who will be punished for the game. And you can bet on who you think will be the big winner of this true voracious game.

Finally, in addition to being one of the people who watch the game and being, of course, one of the fighters, you can be the Director. The Director is the host of the match, and he drops powers, bombs, and other catastrophes on the map in an attempt to make life difficult for participants and survivors.

As a fighter, you must collect resources, weapons, improve your tools, build and destroy elements to have the best equipment possible in this show that is Darwin Project!

5. Rocket Royale

  • Platforms: Android
  • Launch: 2022

Rocket Royale is something you've never seen before! Take Fortnite's colorful graphics and visuals and mix it with a sci-fi story. That's because the mission is to build a rocket to escape the island! All other players will have to do the same, as they try to sabotage your building.

Collect resources and items that fall from meteors and assemble your spaceship. Build forts around your rocket to protect it and focus on being the first to flee the island. The good thing is that there are no dead regions or anything like that, but you can use portals to teleport to any region of the island.

You can play alone, in pairs or in teams of up to 3 people. The matches are fast, as they have a maximum of 25 players per session. So it's quite frantic, intense and full of adrenaline. It is one of the best Battle Royale for mobile phones precisely because it reinvents the genre and adds other elements besides survival.

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