5 Best Raffle Bots for Discord

If you want to donate giveaways on your server, you will need a giveaway bot for Discord. These bots allow you to organize, manage and carry out prize and raffle actions on your server for your users and that's why we made this list with the most used and best.

Check out our list of the 5 best outreach bots for Discord.

1. Prism

Prism bot is a free to use giveaway and sweepstakes bot that changes the way giveaways and sweepstakes are managed on your server. It comes with requirements features like message requirements and roles, with more to come in the future! 

2. GiveAway Boat

Giveaway Boat is an advanced Discord giveaway bot with lots of features and an easy to use dashboard

You can create, delete, finish sweepstakes on the dashboard, change your server settings, view all the giveaways on your server and with more features coming to the dashboard soon!

3. GiveAway

Another discord draw bot that has fewer functions but is equally competent at what it sets out to do. With text customization, timer and some commands, GiveAway is a good giveaway bot to use on your Discord.

4. Holy Moon

Santa Lunar is a unique and reliable sweepstakes bot with multiple sweepstakes settings: role requirement, server sponsor, message request, voice prompt, sweepstakes schedule, custom sweepstakes message or bot embedding and custom input reaction. In addition to the sweepstakes settings, they include various miscellaneous features: blacklist function, ignore function, bonus function, sweepstakes adjustment, sweepstakes tracking and etc.

5. Asena

Asena and an advanced draw bot and a voting bot! One of the biggest and most advanced sweepstakes and survey bots. With several commands for administering and customizing the draw, you will certainly want to rely on Asena.

6. GiveawayBot

If you want to get your server members excited and engaged, a sweepstakes works like a gangbusters.

And GiveawayBot makes creating an offer on your Discord server very easy. You can use this Discord bot to start a giveaway, pick a winner and end the giveaway automatically.

7. Plasma

Plasma is a bot that adds tools to help you administer your server.

Plasma helps to record all invites made by members so that you know who is contributing to your server. With it you can also assign roles to members and reward them for growing your community. In addition to tracking invitations, Plasma has very practical tools to carry out giveaways.

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