5 Best Free Fire Pets

Pets in Garena Free Fire are not just a way to show off, but also offer several in-game benefits. Your skills give you an added advantage in terms of tactical support. However, it is entirely up to players preference whether they go for a pet skill or not.

If players wish to equip a specific pet skill, they must purchase it from the store. The choice should also be a reflection of the strategy and style of play. If players equip a pet skill that doesn't suit their play strategy, they will reap no benefit.

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This article will list the best strategy-based pet skills players can choose as their playstyle.

Free Fire Pets: Best Skills for a Strategic Game


Basic-level skill attributes:

  • Planning speed - 15% increase
  • Dive speed – 25% increase
Falcon is beneficial in battle royale games where everyone wants to land quickly and safely. The pet increases sliding and diving speed with its 'Skyline Spree' skill. It is an appropriate skill for players who are jump leaders of their teams.


Basic-level skill attributes:

  • Equipped active skill CD – 6% reduction
Active skills are the most popular options used by most pushers. However, sometimes the skill's cooldown seems too much, which becomes its demerit. Users can equip Rockie's pet skill 'Stay Chill' which reduces the DC of the active skill in use.

Jump Agent

Basic-level skill attributes:

  • The gain in EP - 30%
The reduction zone is a part of BR mode and players generally do not benefit from it. With Agent Leap's 'Bouncing Bonus' skill, one can gain EP whenever the safe zone shrinks.


Basic-level skill attributes:

  • Additional HP for the glass wall – 60 points
Gel walls are among the most used utilities in Free Fire as they protect users from any enemy damage. The Robot's 'Wall Enforcement' ability ensures that the glass wall's ability is enhanced as it provides an additional shield for the glass wall deployed with a specific HP.


Basic-level skill attributes:

  • HP restored by death – Four points
Many players love the fast-paced style of play and don't care about their ranks in Free Fire, and their only goal is to attack and score kills. This attack game strategy can sometimes be disadvantageous, especially when players die even after achieving so many kills.

However, 'Blessings of Panda' allows players to gain HP after each kill to help them survive in a game.

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