5 Best Character Skills in Garena Free Fire for Aggressive Gameplay (2022)

Character skills provide an RPG aspect to Garena Free Fire. These skills are vital to one's strategic gameplay and suit the different roles users play in a team. Therefore, everyone should consider the character's ideal abilities when formulating a strategy for themselves before a match.

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Aggressive playstyle is a rather complicated strategy that users adopt and it offers high level risks with no guarantee of success. However, the attacking gameplay is suitable for dominating opponents and crushing the competition. One can improve their attack capabilities by equipping suitable skills.

5 Best Free Fire Character Skills Players Should Use for Attack Playstyle (2022)

1. D-Good

Ability – Break Foot (Passive)

The 'Break Foot' skill can be used to provide an agility and accuracy bonus by 5% and 20% respectively. Enhancements occur whenever users fire weapons while moving.

Increasing these two attributes can be very beneficial when rushing opponents. Also, 'Break Foot' is a passive skill, and users can equip an active skill in their combos for additional benefits.

2. Jota

Skill – Safe Attack (Passive)

It is not very difficult to shoot enemies while fighting in the game. Players can benefit from using their weapons against opponents, as each successful hit restores some HP for them. Also, if the shots result in a knockdown, users receive 10% HP.

3. Skyler

5 Best Character Skills in Garena Free Fire for Aggressive Gameplay (2022)

Ability – Riptide Rhythm (Active)

Skyler is among the characters that are excellent for a balanced strategy. Users can use it while being aggressive and defensive. 'Riptide Rhythm' releases a sonic wave that can damage a maximum of five gloo walls at a range of 50m during a Free Fire match.

Also, players will benefit from deploying a gloo wall as each deployment will recover some HP for them. Therefore, Skyler is a great choice when users want to rush their enemies.

4. Offer

Ability – Sound in the Box (Active)

'Sound in the Box' upon activation gives players an increase in agility by 10%, along with creating a 5m aura around them. The active skill also helps users with five HP regeneration every second for five seconds. There is also a 45 second cooldown that allows players to use this skill quite often.

5. Kamir

5 Best Character Skills in Garena Free Fire for Aggressive Gameplay (2022)

Ability - Teacher Lesson (Active)

Players using Captain Booyah find an increase in their max EP, with a choice of the following two modes (XNUMX-second Cooldown mode switch):

  1. Modo Jiu-jitsu: Allies within a six meter radius of K can benefit from an increased EP to HP conversion rate. The rate increase will be six times.
  2. Psychology mode: Players get a continuous addition to their EP bar with increased capacity. They can get 3 EPs every 2,2 seconds.

The 'Jiu-jitsu' mode is quite useful for providing team support, while the 'Psychology' mode is suitable for fast-paced gameplay. When users take damage, they can recover HP through continuous EP regeneration.

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