37 Best Roblox Games in 2022

With literally millions of games to choose from, just deciding where to start with Roblox can be a daunting prospect. Here's our roundup of ten of the best and most popular games to play on Roblox right now.

Content hide 1 How to Play Roblox 1.1 Is Roblox on PlayStation or Switch? 2 Best Roblox 2.1 Games 1. Phantom Forces 2.2 2. Counter Blox 2.3 3. Grand Piece 2.4 4. Temple Thieves 2.4.1 5. Project Lazarus: Zombies 2.5 6. Deathrun 2.6 7. Restaurant Tycoon 2 2.7 8. Dungeon Quest 2.8 9. Vesteria 2.9 10. My Restaurant 2.10 11. Skate Park 2.11 12. Hide and Seek Extreme 2.12 13. World of Magic 2.13 14. Super Power Fighting Simulator 2.14 15. Midnight Racing: Tokyo 2.15 16. Theme Park Tycoon 2 2.16 17. RooM 2.17 18. Driving Simulator 2.18 19. Tower Defense Simulator 2.19 20. Timber 2.20 21. Lawn Mowing Simulator 2.21 22. Adopt-Me! 2.22 23. Jailbreak 2.23 24. Murder Mystery 2 2.24 25. Welcome to Bloxburg 2.25 26. Royale High 2.26 27. Piggy 2.27 28. MeepCity 2.28 29. Brookhaven RP 2.29 30. Tower of Hell 2.30 31. Anime Fighting Simulator 2.31 32. All Star Tower Defense 2.32 33. Blox Fruits 2.33 34. Anime Mania 2.34 35. Shindo Life 2.35 36. Build a Boat for Treasure 2.36 37.

how to play roblox

If you're playing on PC, getting started with Roblox is as simple as visiting Roblox.com and creating a free account. You can also play some Roblox games as a guest without an account, but you need to use most social features on the platform.

Alternatively, you can get the PC app from Amazon or the Microsoft Store. To access Roblox on other gaming platforms, you need to download the app from the Apple Store (for iOS devices), Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the Xbox store (for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S).

Most Roblox games are free to play, which means you can join the game by clicking the play button on the game page once it's set up. Some require pre-purchase (usually at a nominal fee using in-game Robux currency, which can be purchased for real money), and we'll be sure to flag them when they come up.

Roblox servers typically host between six and 30 players, and some allow private lobbies as well. There are a few single-player games on the platform, but due to the socially oriented nature of Roblox, the vast majority are MMOs.

In addition, Roblox also provides free cosmetic items monthly. These items are redeemed through promo codes that can be used in games. Check out our list of Roblox promo codes.

Is Roblox on PlayStation or Switch?

There are currently no official plans to release Roblox for the PS5 or Nintendo Switch. A PS4 version has been hinted at in 2022, but at this point it doesn't look like the plan has taken off.

However, the PS4 owners can play Roblox using the console's web browser to launch the browser version of the platform. This works the same way as it does on PC, and while it's not officially supported by Sony, gamers using this workaround don't seem to have encountered any serious issues.

Best Roblox games

At the time of writing this article, there are over 40 million games on Roblox. This top 10 list takes current trends as well as long-term favorites into account and is intended to give you some ideas on what to play in the platform's most popular genres.

1. Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces has been one of the leading FPS games on Roblox since 2022. Over the past five years, it has received over a billion visits and receives regular updates with new weapons and maps.

What makes the game stand out from the rest? Well, it features some pretty advanced mechanics for a Roblox game, including Bullet Drop, Bullet Velocity, and weapon balance that is regularly tweaked. There are five game modes in Phantom Forces: Team Deathmatch, Flare Domination, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and Kill Confirmed.

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2. Counter Blox

Counter Blox: Remastered, or just Counter Blox as it appears in the Roblox game menu, is basically a free version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game revolves around a series of 5v5 matches on iconic maps from the Counter-Strike series, including the famous Dust 2.

You earn money while playing the game which is used to buy weapons and other equipment for the next round. You can use funds, the in-game currency, to buy cases that may contain rare or interesting cosmetics for your weapons or other accessories.

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3. Grand Piece

Now, this is a One-Piece game with an expanding community and growing popularity. One thing that puts One Piece Online at number two on this list is the types of graphics that allow destruction of in-game properties, giving it a surreal feel. The game's graphics are absolutely fabulous.

Power fighting and running moves are very well portrayed in the game. Like the one-piece game mentioned earlier, this one-piece game also has many different fruits in the game, such as devil fruit, ice devil fruit, and so on. All these fruits give your character really complex and cool action moves and powers.

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4. Temple Thieves

Temple Thieves is an obstacle course survival game where the player must collect 5 relics. When a player has completed a temple, there is a glowing exit and they will earn XP and coins. For each level that passes, the player earns a reward. Coins can be purchased for pets, pet food and keys.

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5. Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies is one of Roblox's original zombie games, and the creators have been working on the game since 2022. The game still gets regular updates to this day. Project Lazarus: Zombies is definitely inspired by Call of Duty: Zombies and is a more kid-friendly version of the franchise's popular game mode.

You can play alone or with your friends. Rounds play out like Call of Duty: Zombies, in that you have to build barricades around the main room and unlock weapons by accumulating points. There is even a Ray Gun.

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6. Deathrun

Deathrun is a competitive obstacle course game. In Deathrun, you play as a randomly selected Runner or Killer. The Runner's objective is to reach the end of the track by avoiding, dodging or surviving the traps that the assassin activates. The assassin's objective is to kill all the runners who try to reach the end.

Deathrun is a round based game where each round is played on a different map. At the start of a round, one player is randomly selected as the assassin while others will play as runners. A countdown begins the race when runners are cleared to race to the end of the track.

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7. Restaurant Tycoon 2

Restaurant Tycoon 2 is the second game in the Restaurant Tycoon series, made by Ultraw. It was released two years after “Restaurant Tycoon”.

As the name suggests, a player builds his own restaurant and helps it grow. The game uses cash as the primary currency and diamonds as the secondary currency. Users must create their own restaurant from one of the predefined templates, as well as purchase furniture and other decorations to allow other customers to visit. Restaurants cook and serve food from all over the world, keeping Customers happy by creating delicious meals and providing excellent service!

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8. Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest is a massive online multiplayer dungeon RPG game on Roblox made by vCaffy where players can solo or team up to tackle a variety of dungeons. As players progress through dungeons and difficulties, they receive better items that can be equipped and used in combat. Dungeon Quest Roblox game has an active and prominent player base.

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9. Vesteria

clothing is an MMORPG developed by Vesteria, Inc. with a focus on exploration, variety and non-linear gameplay. Vesteria is free, but players can choose to spend more on microtransactions and game passes.

Vesteria was made to be played with a focus on exploration, variety and non-linear gameplay in mind! In this game you can fight enemies, choose classes and also just explore! There is potential for many hours of fun in Roblox Vesteria, so I recommend jumping in and giving it a try.

This game is definitely one of the most premium games on Roblox, it was built by a team of extremely experienced developers who are trying to push the limits of what Roblox is capable of!

After diving into the game, you'll find a wide variety of beautiful landscapes that make you wonder if you're really playing Roblox. The open world is yours to explore, and you're rewarded for exploring with things like chests and unique items like the mushroom hat.

You can also complete cool quests while fighting mobs in the vast world.

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10. My Restaurant

My Restaurant! is a restaurant tycoon game created by BIG Games. It was released on June 26, 2020. In the game, players must build and design their own restaurant for maximum profit.

The player starts by following the tutorial. The game teaches basic mechanics such as taking orders, cooking, serving, picking up dirty dishes, and hiring new employees. Workers can help the player to do these tasks on their own, allowing the player to do other actions.

When an order is completed, the customer gives cash, depending on the food recipe, and whether they are a VIP or celebrity customer. Higher level customers give more money. The money can be used to buy furniture, lighting and appliances. Appliances are essential to speed up the process as high quality home appliances take less time to cook food, wash dirty places, etc. Better stoves mean faster service. Faster services = faster money arrives.

Players can also use their money to unlock new floors, expanding the size of their restaurant significantly. They can also buy new themes.

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11. Skate Park

Skate Park is a Roblox game created on March 7, 2020 by Skate Central, and it has over 100 million views. The game consists of players riding a skateboard, scooter or BMX and doing tricks to earn XP and credits and being able to customize their board.

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12. Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and Seek Extreme is a hide and seek game made by Tim7775. It's a reworking of old hide and seek games, possibly TwoShue's Hide n' Seek XL: Living Spaces. In the game, players must hide from the seeker for a period of time, otherwise they will get caught and lose.

When a new round starts, the game chooses a random map and a random player to be the seeker. The players who are not chosen as Seekers are the ones who hide.

Hiders are launched on the chosen map, spawned in the same place (which is mostly a secluded place on the map). The seeker will be at the spawn point as well, "frozen" (without the ability to move), but can still watch the hiders run. Those in hiding will have a short period of time to hide.

After time passes, the seeker is unfrozen and can move. The seeker must find and catch all the secrets before time runs out for the seeker. To catch a player, the seeker must make contact with the hider. If time runs out, all survivors win. If the seeker manages to catch all the hidden ones, the seeker wins.

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13. World of Magic

World of Magic is a 2020 free-to-play ROBLOX RPG game developed alone by vetegg. Explore the continent of Magius, hone your magic, fight other players, join a guild and raise your reputation to become a hero of the people – or lower your reputation to become a dark mage attuned to the forbidden arts.

World of Magic is the 3ʳᵈ game set in the Arcane universe.

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14. Super Power Fighting Simulator

Super Power Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game developed by GamesReborn and xbutterflies.

The aim of the game is to train your body, fists, mind and speed in this ultimate training game!. Unlock new skills, reach powerful positions, team up with friends, venture to new islands and much more! You can also open chests to get old items that can help speed up your training!

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15. Midnight Racing: Tokyo

Midnight Racing: Tokyo is a street racing arcade simulation video game created by one_dollar, with co-developer bigcrazycarboy soon joining the project after they both decided to drop their other title in pursuit of Midnight Racing. The game has been in development since September 29, 2022, with the map itself starting as a prototype around July 2022. Midnight Racing: Tokyo is the first game in the Midnight Racing franchise. The game is currently in the demo phase.

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16. Theme Park Tycoon 2

This game is perhaps one of the most awesome Roblox games out there. Instead of following a linear upgrade path to slowly climb and instead of using pads to shop, Theme Park Tycoon 2 has a much more elegant solution. The game is actually a Roller Coaster Tycoon created by Roblox. Rides, paths, decorations and shops can be placed on the map with an interface similar to Frontier's Roller Coaster Tycoon. While this system must be incredibly difficult to develop, it's worth it when your theme park looks completely different to your neighbors.

When it comes to the most important parts of the theme park, there are plenty of attractions to fill your theme park. There are some simpler ones, like the teacups and the carousel, even gigantic roller coasters. Each trip can be managed through a menu that allows you to change the price of each trip and much more.

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17. RooM

Of all the games on this list, RooM is the creation that most closely resembles the game it was inspired by. In case you didn't know, RooM is a reimagining of classic DOOM games, and the two seem indistinguishable. You'll do all the things you'd expect, like slaying demons, collecting powerups, and playing to a metal soundtrack. This game has faced some copyright issues in the past for obvious reasons, but it is currently still available to play on Roblox.

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18. Driving Simulator

This game has been on the rise since it was first released. Driving Simulator has a little bit of everything infused into it, with the quality of gameplay setting it apart from all other car games on Roblox. The open world city in Driving Simulator is a lot of fun to explore and go around too.

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19. Tower Defense Simulator

Tower Defense Simulator was created by Paradoxum Games. Players must band together and spend in-game money to place and upgrade turrets that fight different types of enemies. If the player(s) are successfully run over or triumph, the game will end and all players will be teleported back to the lobby. As of June 23, 2022, the game has over a billion views and is the current winner of the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Best Game Trailer, it was also an AJ Striker Metaverse Champions Game.

The gameplay follows a typical tower defense game. You, as a player or group of players, are tasked with defending your base from enemies on a predetermined route leading to the player's base. Players can place and upgrade turrets and defend the base until they triumph or are overrun by enemies. When the game is over, the player will receive coins (or gems in Hardcore mode) and experience points as a reward. They can use these coins, gems or Robux to buy new and more powerful towers. There are currently 3 game modes, Normal, Molten and Fallen (1 removed) that are playable (excluding events). Each difficulty will contain multiple and/or unique enemies. Special Event Modes can also be played while in-game.

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20. Timber

Timber is a Roblox game where you cut down trees to get logs that you exchange for coins!

The game is very relaxing and is considered one of the best expansion “simulators”. There are many features in the game such as respawn which eventually unlocks new biomes and new trees. You can head to islands scattered in the ocean to find “mega trees” that give you more wood but are harder to cut down. The game has gamepasses like “rainbow trees” that give a slight edge to players who buy them. You can also hire and unlock workers by discovering your expansion area, such as the regular workers (who cut trees), the farmer (who turns trees into gold), and the fisherman (who gives incentives and money). There are leaderboards you can try to compete to enter as well. Many players love “bees” that collect honey and give “honey trees” and boosters.

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21. Lawn Mowing Simulator

Lawn Mowing Simulator is a game simulator created by Rosa Slime Studios. The game revolves around mowing and selling grass for cash, which can be used to upgrade lawn mowers and stats. Players can also purchase pets from gachapons, utilize farms, and unlock biomes.

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22. Adopt-Me!

Adopt Me! is a strong contender for the most popular Roblox game and is easily the RPG most played on the platform. It's a caring game, with players taking on the role of either foster parent or foster child and taking care of their daily needs, Sims-style.

However, the game's focus has shifted over its four-year lifespan (and counting!), with collectible pets becoming the major attraction for most players.

Adopt me! receives weekly updates and regular time-limited events, including some interesting links to properties like Scooby-Doo. Since this game is aimed at a younger player base than most Roblox content, it's also worth being aware that it does contain microtransactions, particularly related to its pet-centric features.

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23. Jailbreak

Jailbreak is technically classified as a game Town & City by Roblox, but at this point it's actually a much more familiar version of Grand Theft Auto Online. Players can line up with the cops or the robbers in a game that includes driving, robberies (for thieves) or break-ins (for cops) and luxurious apartments to furnish with all that illicit loot.

Now in its third season of updated content, Jailbreak's phenomenal popularity has led to real-world merchandising business for its creators (who are now using the game's profits to get them through college, good for them!). If you're looking on Roblox for a GTA-lite game that's also reminiscent of LEGO City Undercover (or the original LEGO Island games if you're old like me), this might very well be the one for you.

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24. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is Roblox's flagship game under the brand name of Horror . One player per round is randomly assigned as an assassin and another as a sheriff. Up to ten additional players are innocent. All three groups play their own set of rules with different victory conditions: the assassin aims to eliminate everyone before the sheriff catches them; the sheriff must try to identify and then stop the killer; and the innocent aim to survive and can help in the sheriff's investigation.

With the recent increase in the popularity of social deduction games (especially Between Us), it's not surprising that Murder Mystery 2 continues to be one of the most visited games on Roblox. The game is played in short rounds and has a small number of paid add-ons, including the option to set up private servers at 10 Robux each (approximately 11p).

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25. Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg is a game Town & City inspired by the Sims. Features are largely what we've come to expect from the life simulation genre: your character can get a day job, live a leisurely life hanging out with friends, or seek adventure in the game world in general. This game also features a construction mode which received special praise.

It is important to note that Welcome to Bloxburg is one of the few Roblox games you need buy before play . It costs 25 Robux – which is about 30p (but the current minimum purchase for Robux is £4,59 for 400). There are also a small number of add-ons that can be purchased, which primarily feature more varied and flexible build tools.

Link for PC players.

26. Royale High

Royale High is branded as a game of adventure on Roblox, but in practice it's a fantasy RPG. You control a supernatural high school from a noble family , and the goal is to balance socializing with other players against studying to level up your character. Better grades result in more in-game currency, which can be spent on cosmetic items for your character. There's also an ever-expanding and varied game world to explore outside of school.

The game includes a regular rotation of seasonal events and updates (as of this writing, the 2022 Easter Egg Hunt was still ongoing). Royale High also lets you set up a private server for 100 Robux (approximately £1,15).

Link for PC players.

27. Piggy

Piggy is a game of terror episodic show that combines a cute kids' TV-inspired aesthetic with survival mechanics and a zombie apocalypse setting. Conceptually, there's a lot going on and part of the game's appeal is unraveling the ongoing mystery. The original story is now complete, but a second season called “Book 2” is in the works.

If you have up to five friends who share your niche enthusiasm for spoopy roblox mysteries , there's more good news: private servers are free to set up in this game.

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28. MeepCity

MeepCity is another game Town & City along similar lines to Welcome to Bloxburg, but with a greater emphasis on socializing with other players: the servers support up to 200 players (Roblox games usually come to about 30).

In many ways, MeepCity delivers on the biggest hits of some of Roblox's other most popular games: it also features a very popular series of customizable pets, a building system where you can create the house of your dreams, and mini-games that pay off. in-game money to buy cosmetic items.

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29. Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven RP is a game Town & City which, at the time of writing, is less than a week away from celebrating its first anniversary on the Roblox platform. The huge popularity the game has managed to gain in this short period of time demonstrates what made Roblox so popular throughout 2020. Brookhaven offers a laid-back Second Life-style RPG with focus on a life of luxury and being able to leave the house whenever you like. Seriously, what's not to love?

The game description emphasizes finding like-minded players to play with, and the servers are limited to a relatively small social circle of 18 players. Presumably to support this you can set up a private Brookhaven RP server for 100 Robux (about £1,15).

Link for PC players.

30. Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell is branded as a game of adventure , but Roblox aficionados will recognize it as an obby (short for obstacle course). Obbies are somewhat notorious among Roblox players: while there are some excellent obbies on the platform, they've also acquired a certain reputation as the easiest Roblox game type to launch at very low quality.

Obviously, Tower of Hell is one of the good ones. Imagine reaching the end of Fall Guys every time and the ensuing confusion. With randomly generated levels and absolutely no checkpoints to make things easier, up to 20 players compete against each other to the top of the titular tower. Private servers cost 250 Robux (approximately £2,87) and allow the host to tweak some settings.

Link for PC players.

31. Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is, as you might expect, a game of fight inspired by bizarre combat seen in several animes. Being a Roblox game it's understandably less graphical than some of the big name fighting franchises, but otherwise it's a surprisingly complete experience if you're into the genre.

Regular updates add new items, equipment and other features; the game even has seasons (currently in season 4). To cap off the experience, there are different game modes, including the newly added Tournament mode and the classic inclusion: a Story Mode that hardly anyone has touched.

The servers host up to 20 players, and a private server costs 250 Robux (about £2,87) to set up.

Link for PC players.

32. All Star Tower Defense

All Star Tower Defense is not only one of the many anime-themed Roblox games, but also one of the best. Use characters from your favorite anime series to fend off waves of enemies and learn some new skills along the way.

Link for PC players.

33. Blox Fruits

Become a pirate and advance to the vast open oceans as you fight powerful enemies and boss battles with Blox Fruits.

Link for PC players.

34. Anime Mania

Anime Mania lets you face off against characters from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece and more. The game is updated frequently, which means there is always something to do.

Link for PC players.

35. Shindo Life

This popular Naruto-style game was originally called Shinobi Life 2, a spiritual successor to the original. But even though the game has changed its name to Shindo Life, it is still extremely popular. You create your own anime-themed fighter to take on enemies, using spins to claim new bloodlines that grant you special abilities.

36. Build a Boat for Treasure

I don't want to say that Build a Boat for Treasure is self-explanatory... but it's written right there. In Build a Boat for Treasure, you and a group of friends built a boat… for treasure. But seriously, you build your craft together and then must survive a variety of trials and environments to obtain the sweet loot you all crave. Imagine Sea of ​​Thieves, but with more DIY.

Link for PC players.

37. Arsenal

Give players a place to create a shooter and you better believe they will. Arsenal is the most popular FPS on Roblox, pitting you against a variety of other opponents in massive deadly battles. Wielding weird and often wacky weapons, you'll have to kill as many as you can to claim the Golden Knife. Once you have it, all you have to do is kill another player with it and victory is yours! Easy, right?

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And these are the best Roblox games – in our humble opinion! If you would like to see more lists check out the best Roblox shooting games and Roblox horror games.

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