35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Good Discord bots are a vital tool for all major Discord servers. The best Discord bots can add thousands of new features to your platform mod functions, music, games, polls, prizes and more! If you want to build one of the best Discord servers then you need to add the best Discord bots.

However, with so many different Discord server bots, it can be difficult to decide which one to add to your server. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the 22 best Discord bots that anyone can use.

You can find the best Discord bots in a list of Discord bots online, like top.gg, or directly on their website. Then, you can add Discord bots, inviting them to your server. A Discord bot invite works the same as a regular server invite, so once you invite the bot to Discord, it will appear on your server. After adding Discord bots, you can use bot commands directly from your server. All of these best Discord bots are free to use, but some include paid update features.

Let's review the cool features of each of Discord's best bots!

What are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are AI-based tools that can help you automate tasks on your Discord server. They make it much easier to build a community that is truly engaged and can be used to moderate your server, welcome new members, or even ban people who are creating a bad environment for everyone. In addition to moderation features, Discord bots allow you and users to add games, music, memes, and other fun, engaging, and entertaining content.

35 Best Discord Bots to Upgrade Your Server

1. MEE6

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

MEE6 is one of the best Discord bots for those pesky moderation tasks you need to do but just don't want to. The bot can automatically check chats on your Discord server for violations such as external links, spam, spoilers, and bad language.

You can configure it to mute, kick or even permanently ban a user after a certain number of violations within a certain period of time.

This bot can also be used to play music or assign participation levels to your users. It also integrates with YouTube and Twitch.

Market: moderation

Download and Install MEE6 here!

2. Chip

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Chip is a free music bot for Discord. You can allow Discord server members to play music from Twitch, Bandcamp, YouTube, Mixer, Vimeo and SoundCloud. 

The chip also allows users to queue, shuffle, skip, move, play and repeat songs, as well as display song lyrics.

The bot also includes free audio controls like voice booster, treble and bass, as well as an audio equalizer.

Type: Music

Download and Install the Chip here!

3. Thank you Memer

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

If memes are your love language, Dank Memer is the Discord bot for you. You'll get bot commands that make it easy to add the perfect meme or create your own memes.

Dank Memer also has a coin element that allows users to earn coins through gambling, stealing from other users, and more. The currency can be used to get cool stuff in the bot shop.

Market: Entertainment and Moderation

Download and Install Dank Memer here!

4. Hydra

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Hydra is another music Discord bot that its members can use to stream from Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and Soundcloud. Similar to Chip, Hydra comes with many audio features that allow you to loop, move, play, skip, vote and shuffle songs.

You can even search for lyrics or other song information. For admins, Hydra includes some special features so you can ban specific users from using the bot, change the language, announce the song that is playing, limit the number of times a specific song can be played, and much more.

Market: Song

Download and Install Hydra here!

5. Helper.gg

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Helper.gg is a Discord bot that you can use for a ticketing system. If you use Discord to help clients or plan projects, this bot can be invaluable. Tickets are optimized for Discord and you can tag specific channels or server roles to ensure the right people see them.

Market: Ticketing System

Download and Install Helper.gg here!

6. Groovy

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Groovy is one of the most popular Discord bots for music. It allows members to play music via file uploads, website links or by searching for specific songs. Just like the other Discord bots we talked about for music, Groovy lets you create a queue where you can skip songs, shuffle, repeat, clear the queue, and more. You can also consult the lyrics of the songs.

Market: Song

Download and Install Groovy here!

7. Octave

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Music is a big deal on Discord servers, you know? Octave is another popular Discord bot for music that lets you play music from YouTube or Soundcloud. Like the other Discord bots for music, you can create playlists, pause, play and queue songs, as well as show song lyrics.

Market: Song

Download and Install Octave here!

8. PoolBot Advanced

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

PollBot is a Discord bot that allows you to create polls on your server. Available surveys include timed surveys, yes/no surveys, and surveys with personalized responses. Polls are a great option for getting member feedback, scheduling events, and understanding what members want to see from you in the future.

Market: polls

Download and Install PoolBot Advanced here!

9. IdleRPG

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

If you want to add a text-based RPG to your server, IdleRPG is the Discord bot for you. Its members can create characters, buy or trade in-game items, battle, participate in quests, join guilds and much more. If you've always wanted to build your own world and open it up to your members, IdleRPG is for you.

Market: Game

Download and Install IdleRPG here!

10. Apollo

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Apollo is a scheduling bot that makes it easy to create and schedule events and meetings on your Discord server.

If you want, you can delete the event post when it's all over or even set it to automatically delete at the time you specify. With this bot, you will be able to send messages to event attendees and create recurring events.

Market: Schedule

Download and Install Apollo here!

11. Arcane

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Arcane is a Discord bot that YouTube influencers are likely to find interesting.

It is a leveling and moderation bot that you can use to set XP and give rewards to members. The auto-moderation functions allow you to register new and departing members, prevent spam, block certain words, and change, warn, kick or ban those who violate your server's rules. Also, YouTubers can use it to send YouTube notifications to Discord server when you post a new video.

Type: Moderation

Download and Install Arcane here!

12. Zira

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Zira is one of the most popular Discord bots for reaction functions.

What this means is that you can allow server members to auto-assign roles based on the reaction image they choose. 

If you have a larger server with role-specific channels, this is an awesome way to keep things organized. You can also use Zira to send welcome and farewell messages to new and old members.

Type: Moderation

Download and Install Zira here!

13. MedalBot

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

MedalBot is for gamers. This allows you to create and view Medal video game clips from your Discord server. Also, when you upload your new clip to the server, you can also upload it to Medal.tv.

You can search for clips directly from your Discord server using a game, theme or just the most viewed clips. In addition to game features, MedalBot has features for moderation, music, and general server maintenance.

Like other Discord moderation bots, MedalBot makes it easy to mute, kick, or ban members who violate your server's rules, as well as detect spam and blacklist words. To top it off, you can automatically assign member roles, delete messages and play YouTube music.

Type: Moderation

Download and Install MedalBot here!

14. Statbot

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Statbot is a server statistics Discord bot. It tracks stats like how many members you have, the number of messages, how many members are online, the amount of time members spend on voice channels, and more. 

It stores the information in a dashboard so you can quickly see what's happening on your Discord server.

Type: Statistic

Download and Install Statbot here!

15. Xenon

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Sometimes things go to the side. In such cases, you will be happy to have Xenon, a Discord bot that allows you to backup your Discord server, transfer messages between channels, and upload server templates. Xenon offers server templates for education, fan servers and gamers and provides support for multiple languages.

Type: Backup

Download and Install Xenon here!

16. GiveawayBot

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

If you want to get your server members excited and engaged, a sweepstakes works like a gangbusters.

And GiveawayBot makes creating an offer on your Discord server very easy. You can use this Discord bot to start a giveaway, pick a winner and end the giveaway automatically.

Type: Raffle

Download and Install GiveawayBot here!

17. Tip.cc

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Tip.cc allows you to send over 127 types of cryptocurrency as tips on Discord with no minimum fees. It gives you the option to tip anyone regardless of whether they have an encrypted wallet or not, and you can tip multiple users at the same time. Tip.cc supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and many others.

Type: Finance

Download and Install Tip.cc here!

18. Spixx

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Spixx offers a number of different Discord server commands, from coins to roleplaying games and more. This helps keep Discord server members engaged and active.

Type: Others

Download and Install Spixx here!

19. ProBot

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

ProBot is a customizable multipurpose bot for welcome images, detailed logs, social commands, music, moderation and more.

You can automatically add welcome messages, track violations of server rules, warn violators and kick them out (even automatically). ProBot also supports 13 different languages.

Type: Moderation

Download and Install ProBot here!

20. Quillbot

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Quillbot is a paraphrase tool. Discord bot allows you to automatically rewrite text or even translate text to another language. It has several different modes and commands that you can use to slightly change the text, prioritize grammar, use as many synonyms as possible, and much more.

Type: Translation

Download and Install Quillbot here!

21. Voicy

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Voicy is an online content platform for discovering, creating and sharing sound clips and effects on your Discord server. You can search Voicy's library of over 50 sound clips and add them to your Discord server to keep your members engaged.

Type: Search

Download and Install Voicy here!

22. Musibeth

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Musibeth is another great Discord bot for YouTube creators. You can use this bot to share your YouTube channel and play YouTube videos directly on your Discord server, set up automatic commands for FAQs and much more.

Type: Playback

Download and Install Musibeth here!

23. Dyno

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Another polished Discord bot worth considering is Dyno, used on over 1,6 million Discord servers. One of its biggest benefits is the extensive web dashboard, giving you full control over customization.

You don't have to host yourself as everything is hosted by Dyno, controlled through the web dashboard. The moderation tools are extensive, with custom triggers for automatic moderation.

Dyno makes role creation easy by allowing server administrators to create new classifications (linked to server roles). You can also make server channel adjustments with “purge” commands that bulk delete messages based on user, server, or age.

It's not just about moderation, though. You can set up a bot DJ with individual playlists, play slot machines, search for random facts, and even search for random images.

Market: moderation

Download and Install Dyno here!


35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

If you are looking for a bot that does a lot of things to a high standard, then YAGDBB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot) is a great option.

It has a bunch of auto-assignable roles for moderation, allowing you to assign roles via reactions, assign multiple roles at once, or add roles to specific groups within your channel. It has a great auto-moderation setting for rules, allowing you to set them up and auto-kick, auto-warn, and even time-ban violators.

Rounding out the features are various cleanup parameters, quick feeds from Reddit and YouTube, and facts about cats. Yes, with a single command, you can see one of 250 unique cat facts for your channel.

Market: Moderation and Statistics

Download and Install YAGDPB here!

25. Loritta

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Do you and your server struggle with channel members' constant need for management, moderation, and entertainment? Don't worry, Loritta Bot for Discord comes to the rescue. With a unique backstory and unique cuteness factor, Loritta should be running on your server, and your users will thank you for it!

Developed in our country but made for the world, Loritta is definitely one of the best bots available for managing Discord servers. It has many moderation features that can be easily customized via a web-based dashboard.

Market: Moderation and Entertainment

Download and Install Loritta here!

26. Rhythm

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Rythm Bot for Discord is a bot that provides users with the ability to customize their Discord servers by providing an extensive list of moderation commands, utility commands, and fun commands. These commands can help improve server quality by providing users with the tools they need to have a more pleasant server experience.

Rythm Bot for Discord also comes equipped with a music system known as Rythm Radio, where you can stream a variety of different channels from around the world or listen to their music playlists!

Market: Song

Download and Install Rythm here!

27. Donate Bot

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Donate Bot makes it very easy to automatically ask your community for tips without having to feel like you're begging for money.

Any money raised is sent through PayPal with no additional fees, and you can even sell merchandise or other products directly through the bot. If you've been dedicating hours of time to your Discord server, Donate Bot is an essential tool for hard-working moderators like you.

Market: Functionalities

Download and Install Donate Bot here!


35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

CaptchaBot is a machine learning enabled CAPTCHA scanning bot that offers many unique security features e.g. intrusion detection, built-in antivirus and more! Additionally, a global Report-DB is integrated with CaptchaBot, which is used to automatically ban Raiders, Self-Bots and known malefactors.

Market: Safety

Download and Install Anti-NSFW here!

29. Disboard

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Disboard is a bot that connects your server to an advertising platform.

You can, through a command, make your server appear at the top of the main page of the community so that you can publicize it more frequently and much more conveniently.

Ads accompany server description, categories, member rating, number of members and a direct link for people to join it. Disboard is undoubtedly a valuable tool if you want to grow your Discord server.

Market: Disclosure

Download and Install Disboard here!

30. Plasma

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Plasma is a bot that adds tools to help you administer your server.

Plasma helps to record all invites made by members so that you know who is contributing to your server. With it you can also assign roles to members and reward them for growing your community. In addition to tracking invitations, Plasma has very practical tools to carry out giveaways.

Market: Functionalities

Download and Install Plasma here!

31. Reminder Bot

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Reminder Bot is a reminder tool where you can configure both for yourself and for the entire server.

It is a very useful bot for maintaining order or making important announcements that need to be reinforced several times.

Market: Functionalities

Download and Install Reminder Bot here!

32. GameStats

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

GameStats is another great Discord bot for checking and sharing your game stats with your Discord community. GameStats is a perfect bot for Discord groups where many players are present. This is a must-have Discord bot for players and streamers. By using this bot, you can get statistics about your plays easily within discord.

You can show your game stats directly in Discord chat to add GameStats bot to server and connect your game profile to be able to get game stats and after that you can show your GameStats with simple command to any time.

Market: Statistics

Download and Install GameStats here!


35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

EPIC-RPG is an economy + rpg bot, with lots of features like enemies, dungeons, pvp, gambling, loot, leaderboards, prestige and more. The aim of the game is to level up, get armor and swords, and defeat dungeon bosses to unlock new commands and features.

There are a total of 15 dungeons: the battle mechanics are quite simple and interactive!

Market: Game

Download and Install EPIC RPG here!

34. Mudae

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Mudae is a multiplayer game bot for Discord.

It features over 20.000 anime and game characters. With Mudae you can capture Pokémon, play interesting and engaging games, and much more. Mudae has several unique features, which distinguish this bot from its competitors.

Market: Game

Download and Install Mudae here!

35. Community Games

35 Best Discord Bots in 2022

Community Games offers many simple games like tic-tac-toe, naval battle, connect the dots and etc which can be easily accessed by server members.

For the more competitive, the bot also offers a score rank to liven things up a bit.

Market: Training

Download and Install Community Games here!

How to Add a Bot to Your Discord Server

When you choose the Discord bots you want to add to your server, adding them is really easy. You can use the links we provide here, use a list of bots like top.gg, or just Google it. Once you find the bot, just click the button Invite ou Add to Basket  and choose the server you want to add the bot to. You can only add Discord bots to servers where you have admin or mod rights. After uploading to your server, you will be able to use the bot right away.

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