32 games compatible with Ipega controller! (Android and iOS)

Mobile games are getting closer and closer to console games and, therefore, the demand for compatible gamepads (controls) increases more and more. In this context, Ipega's controls are the most requested, in addition to being considered by many to be the best to play on Android and IOS. Unfortunately, not all games support gamepads, and to help you decide whether or not to buy one, check out a list of 32 free and paid Android and iOS games that support iPega below!

Minecraft PE

Genre: Sandbox

Starting with the biggest ones, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the mobile version of the Minecraft phenomenon. The game basically offers everything the PC and console versions have, including multiplayer support and support for using mods, seeds, etc. To top it off, the game is fully compatible with Ipega.

Play Minecraft on Android

Play Minecraft on iOS

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Genre: Action and adventure in 3rd person

The classic GTA San Andreas needs no introduction. The success of the Playstation 2 was launched for cell phones and is, to this day, one of the most accessed games. With full compatibility with Ipega, the game is perfect for nostalgic gamers who want to control CJ on the gamepad once again.

Play GTA San Andreas on Android

Play GTA San Andreas on iOS

Call of Duty: Mobile

Free Game!

Genre: FPS

Another one that needs no introduction, COD Mobile has a very fluid gameplay on cell phones, but is also fully compatible with Ipega. A relief for those who are fans of the franchise and only play on console.

Jogue Call of Duty: Mobile no Android

Play Call of Duty: Mobile on iOS

Stardew Valley

Genre: Farming Simulator / RPG

One of the most recommended games here at CaptainVideoGames, Stardew Valley is a much more complete and fun game than it seems at first glance. With lots of content and activities to complete, the game captivates in the first few minutes and engages players with its cute characters and stories.

Play Stardew Valley on Android

Play Stardew Valley on iOS

Dead Trigger 2

Free Game!

Genre: Horror FPS

Dead Trigger 2 is the typical zombie horror FPS in which the player has to complete main and side missions in a world ravaged by monsters. The graphics are worthy of PC and the scenarios are very different from each other, as the character travels across the world.

Unlike the first game in the series, Dead Trigger 2 is not repetitive as the missions and zombies are quite varied. Gameplay is simple and control options are customizable.

Play Dead Trigger 2 on Android

Play Dead Trigger 2 on iOS

Shadowgun Legends

Free Game!

Genre: FPS / RPG

Shadowgun Legends is a shooting game with many RPG elements. The options for playing solo are pretty good as you can interact with almost everything you see. However, the game's differential is being able to play with other people, both in PvP (player vs player) and in cooperation.

The raid system allows you to team up with other players to defeat bosses too strong to kill yourself. This, in itself, is an incredible novelty in the midst of FPS games. In addition, Shadowgun Legends PvP is one of the best of its kind, containing 6 different options for you to challenge your skills against other players.

Play Shadowgun Legends on Android

Play Shadowgun Legends on iOS

Shadow Fight 3

Free Game!

Genre: Fight

Shadow Fight 3 is a little-known fighting game that may surprise many fans of the genre. The game has great graphics, interesting visual identity, charismatic characters and good gameplay.

Unlike many mobile fighting games, Shadow Fight 3 has several command buttons that allow a good variety of strikes, dodges, defenses, combos, etc. To make it easier, the game has a very didactic tutorial for you to familiarize yourself with all the commands.

Shadow Fight 3 has around 30 characters with unique moves and characteristics. In addition, you need to unlock equipment such as weapons, armor and helmets, and equip them however you wish.

Play Shadow Fight 3 on Android

Play Shadow Fight 3 on iOS

Modern Combat 5

Free Game!

Genre: FPS

Undoubtedly one of the most popular shooting games for mobile phones. Before Call of Duty Mobile, Modern Combat was really called “Call of Duty for mobile”, and it has a large arsenal of weapons, accessories and vehicles.

Modern Combat 5 is a classic FPS with a single-player campaign and multiplayer mode. The campaign takes place through missions with an average duration of 5 to 10 minutes and the multiplayer has several modes (solo, teams, capture the flag, countdown and many others).

Modern Combat 5 is the first in the series to include a class system. Thus, each character has specific advantages and abilities, allowing each player to choose according to their style.

One downside of Modern Combat 5 is that you can only play it when you're connected to the internet, even in single-player campaign mode.

Play Modern Combat on Android

Play Modern Combat on iOS

Asphalt xtreme

Free Game!

Genre: Cumshot

Despite its name, Asphalt Xtreme contains anything but asphalt. This racing game is focused on offroad courses, whether in the desert, ice, forest or any other rough terrain.

In all, the player has 35 vehicles, 400 events, 500 challenges and other modes that are released for a limited time. The game has both online and offline options.

Play Asphalt Xtreme on Android

Play Asphalt Xtreme on iOS

Dead Cells

Genre: Metroidvania

Dead Cells is one of the best metroidvanias available on mobile. With a relatively high difficulty level, the game proceeds in a non-liner fashion, allowing players to advance in whatever order they prefer. Secret rooms, dozens of weapons and spells, and intimidating bosses are just some of the elements you'll find here.

Jogue Dead Cells no Android

Play Dead Cells on iOS

Real Racing 3

Free Game!

Genre: Cumshot

One more run. Real Racing 3 lives up to its name and is one of the most realistic racing games at the moment. The game is extremely beautiful and all the content is based on real elements, from the cars of well-known brands to the courses that are replicas of real tracks.

Real Racing 3 has over 100 cars to unlock and over 2000 events to participate in, featuring different modes and rules in each race.

Play Real Racing 3 on Android

Play Real Racing 3 on iOS

The King of Fighters '98

Free Game!

Genre: Fight

Another fight. The King of Fighters '98 offers an impeccable experience of the classic KoF. The game has simple graphics characteristic of the series and has a very good gameplay. Combos aren't made easy just because the game is mobile, so you'll need to train them for real.

The King of Fighters '98 is the perfect fighting game to play with friends. It's competitive, it's deep, and it even has multiplayer support via bluetooth.

Jogue The King of Fighters '98 no Android

Jogue The King of Fighters '98 no iOS

FIFA Mobile

Free Game!

Genre: Soccer

Another game that needs no introduction. FIFA Mobile is one of the most complete mobile football games on the market, with several modes, hundreds of events, multiplayer support and much more. For those who are fans of this genre on consoles, support for Ipega in FIFA Mobile makes the game much more enjoyable.

Play FIFA Mobile on Android

Play FIFA Mobile on iOS

Dead Effect 2

Free Game!

Genre: Horror FPS

Dead Effect 2 is one of the deepest mobile shooter games. The game has an incredible 20-hour solo campaign, beautiful graphics and an RPG-style character system, where you level up as you gain experience.

The game doesn't innovate much in the FPS genre, but it does have some fun interaction mechanics. For example, you need to place your finger on the screen for your character to scan the fingerprint to open some doors. Not a big deal, but still interesting.

What differentiates Dead Effect 2 from other FPS for Android is the well-crafted story that makes the game a great option that will keep you hooked for a long time.

Play Dead Effect 2 on Android

Play Dead Effect 2 on iOS

Ocean Horn

Free Game!

Genre: Action and adventure

Oceanhorn is the closest we have to playing Zelda on mobile right now. The RPG is extremely inspired by the Nintendo classic and has beautifully crafted graphics and a captivating visual identity.

Despite the simple gameplay and very easy puzzles, Oceanhorn is an RPG worth your time and offers around 10 hours of gameplay. In addition, the game is considered one of the best to play with joystick on mobile.

Play Oceanhorn on Android

Play Oceanhorn on iOS

Portal Knights

Genre: action RPG

Visually speaking, Portal Knights is very similar to Oceanhorn and also somewhat resembles Zelda. The game is also an RPG with classic elements, but the difference is that it adds several Minecraft elements, allowing you to destroy everything around you and reshape it to your liking.

In Portal Knights you have to advance through a series of randomly generated scenarios. On the way, you will have to complete quests, level up, farm materials, craft items and so on.

Play Portal Knights on Android

Play Portal Knights on iOS

Metal Slug Defense

Free game!

Genre: Strategy / Shooting 2D

Metal Slug Defense puts all the classic Metal Slug elements into a tower defense game. Defense takes place on a single 2D plane (as in all games in the series), but here you'll need to manage your resources, level up units and equipment and use them correctly depending on the enemy. Overall, it's a good game for anyone who misses Metal Slug and is a fan of Tower Defenses.

Jogue Metal Slug Defense no Android

Jogue Metal Slug Defense no iOS

Magic rampage

Genre: Platform / RPG

Magic Rampage is a 2D platform game with RPG elements. The graphics are in cartoon style and the gameplay is very simple: you just walk, jump and attack. However, as you progress through the game, new "secret" mechanics are unlocked by combining the few existing commands.

Magic Rampage has well-customized levels and secret areas to be discovered. The game also has an inventory system where you can combine and sell items, different classes, weapons, upgrades and other RPG traits.

Play Magic Rampage on Android

Play Magic Rampage on iOS

Max Payne Mobile

Genre: 3rd person shooting

Max Payne Mobile is the mobile version of the famous 3rd person shooter. Here, we control a policeman seeking revenge for the murder of his wife and daughter. Throughout the game we use different weapons and visit different scenarios while exchanging shots with numerous enemies. The game also features a bullet time mechanic identical to the Matrix.

Play Max Payne Mobile on Android

Play Max Payne Mobile on iOS


Genre: 2.5D Action RPG

Often compared to Dark Souls, Grim Valor is a 2.5D platform game (a middle ground between 2D and 3D) with beautifully crafted graphics. With the Ipega controller, the gameplay is very reminiscent of the platform games of yesteryear. The game is free to try, meaning you can complete the initial stages, but then you have to pay to continue.

Play Grimvalor on Android

Play Grimvalor on iOS


Free game!

Genre: Fight

Only available for Android, HeroVersus is one of the best fighting games for mobile. The game has great graphics, a well-crafted combo system and an interesting story told in the form of a HQ. Although the commands are easy at first, the game is complex to master.

Play HeroVersus on Android

The Respawnables

Free game!

Genre: 3rd person shooting

Respawnables is a 3rd person shooter that is very reminiscent of Team Fortress 2. With lots of scenarios, very colorful and captivating characters, frantic gun action, hundreds of missions, various competition modes and character customization options. A great and fun option for PvP, especially for those who are used to playing this genre with controls.

Jogue The Respawnables no Android

Jogue The Respawnables no iOS

Sky: Children of the Light

Free game!

Genre: Adventure

Sky - Children of the Light, also known as "Children of the Light" is a contemplative game in which the main focus is not on the action. Here you take control of a Child of Light who needs to return stars to their constellations and end the darkness of the realm. Amazing visual effects and a top-notch soundtrack are the hallmarks of this game.

Play Sky: Children of Light on Android

Play Sky: Children of Light on iOS

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Genre: Platform / Action

We don't have much to talk about here. The mobile version of the classic Castlevania can be played perfectly with Ipega controls, making the gameplay much more fluid, in addition to "cleaning" the screen a lot. In case you don't already know the game, it's just one of the best platform games of all time, and one of those responsible for the emergence of the "metroidvania" genre.

Jogue Castlevania: Symphony of the Night no Android

Jogue Castlevania: Symphony of the Night no iOS

Sonic 4: Episode 2

Free game!

Genre: Adventure / Action

Let's face it, Sonic platform game has to be played in controller. If you're a fan of the franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II (or just Sonic 4: Episode 2) is the best hedgehog game you'll be able to play on a mobile controller.

Play Sonic 4: Episode 2 on Android

Play Sonic 4: Episode 2 on iOS

Off the road

Free game!

Genre: car simulator

Off the Road is a car game, but not a racing game. Here you drive various types of cars and other vehicles like helicopters and boats through an open world full of places to explore. Throughout the game you complete various missions and gather resources to upgrade your vehicles and thus be prepared for the various challenges that appear.

Jogue Off The Road no Android

Play Off The Road on iOS

Rangers of Oblivion

Free game!


An MMORPG by essence. In Rangers of Oblivion puts you in an open world populated by real players and full of activities to complete. With several game modes and high quality graphics, Rangers of Oblivion is not in a genre that requires control to play, but still, support for Ipega may please console gamers.

Play Rangers of Oblivion on Android

Play Rangers of Oblivion on iOS


Free game!

Genre: FPS

One of the most complete free games on this list, Unkilled is an FPS with lots of content, amazing graphics and multiplayer support that attracts millions of players around the world. The game also has a skins system that brings it very close to the most famous titles of the genre. Again, console shooters will be pleased with Unkilled's support for Ipega.

Play Unkilled on Android

Play Unkilled on iOS

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Genre: Action and adventure

When it comes to platforming, we're always in favor of using controls, and Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap couldn't be any different. The game does not innovate in almost anything, but its typical elements are very captivating and engaging. With hand-drawn visual identity, the game has very fluid animations and gameplay that give the game a "charm" that it's hard not to notice.

Jogue Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap no Android

Jogue Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap no iOS

Pascal's Wager

Genre: action RPG

Pascal's Wager offers an experience worthy of Dark Souls. It is an offline action RPG with a very dark theme and a high level of difficulty. The graphics are also top notch and make the game feel like a console title. Perfect for anyone who has Ipega and is a fan of Dark Souls, The Witcher or even Skyrim.

Jogue Pascal's Wager no Android

Jogue Pascal's Wager no iOS

Crazy Taxi

Free game!

Genre: Simulator / Race

Crazy Taxi is a classic. Its mobile version was inspired by the hit Dreamcast title and puts you in control of different crazy taxi drivers who need to transport passengers as quickly as possible while performing extreme stunts in their cars. As you complete tasks you are rewarded with cash and increase your rank on the overall leaderboard.

Play Crazy Taxi on Android

Play Crazy Taxi on iOS

Rules of Survival

Free game!

Genre: Battle Royale

Finally a battle royale, but don't get too carried away. Rules of Survival doesn't offer the same gaming experience as PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile or even Free Fire. Despite the gameplay very similar to the others, the game still has several translation flaws, small bugs and strange interactions. We chose to put it on the list because it is the only named battle royale that supports Ipega.

Jogue Rules of Survival no Android

Jogue Rules of Survival no iOS

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