30 online games to play with friends on PC!

The cool thing about playing on PC is that there are options for all tastes. You can play online with friends or just have fun alone on your machine. But if your beach is more games to play with friends, know that there are dozens of amazing titles for that!

With that in mind, we've put together a list of the 30 best multiplayer PC games. You'll have the opportunity to get to know titles you didn't even know existed, in addition to remembering some classics to "play with 2". Check out!

1.Call of Duty: Warzone

Genre: battle royale

The owner of the piece of online gaming at the moment is Call of Duty: Warzone. The Battle Royale of the war franchise is part of Modern Warfare, but it is completely free. The game allows up to 150 players to fight each other in the city of Verdansk. And what's better: the game is cross-platform, so you can play on PC and your friend on a console!

You have the traditional Battle Royale mode, Solo and Plunder mode. In Plunder, whoever collects 1 million in cash across the map wins. A unique and dynamic game mode, which can keep you and your friends playing together for hours. And Battle Royale Solo is a cool option for those who got a little tired of playing with other real players.

Play Warzone for free!

2. Among us

Genre: social

Few games are more suitable to play with friends than Among Us. The great phenomenon of 2020 remains a great option to play online with people you already know, as communication is a crucial part of the gameplay. For those who don't know, Among Us puts several players in the same scenario, with the objective of cooperating to fix a ship. However, one (or more) of the players is an imposter responsible for killing others without anyone knowing. So the gameplay revolves around accusations, lies and arguments, and it always guarantees a lot of laughs.

3. Brawlhalla

Genre: Fight

Brawlhalla is the perfect option for players who want a fighting-focused experience. And it's clearly a fight without a lot of rules other than that you have to knock as many opposing players off the platforms before the time runs out.

For this you must use physical blows, powers and huge weapons that appear randomly in the scenario. Another cool point is the characters available. There are more than a dozen, each with unique abilities. Apart from those borrowed from other franchises, such as Hellboy.

Play Brawlhalla for free!

4. League of Legends

Genre: MOBA

Lolzinho, as it is affectionately known among its players, is one of the most important online games in history. He was responsible for laying the groundwork for many other MOBAs that would come later. It has dozens of characters, with dozens more unique skins and abilities.

As it's a free game, it's perfect for your whole group of friends to download and play. The difficult thing will be to reach a level of excellence so as not to be beaten up in the matches.

Play League of Legends for free!

5. Dauntless

Genre: Action RPG

Dauntless is a kind of Monster Hunter, but free and with lighter graphics. The game puts multiple players cooperatively to fight giant monsters, earn loot and experience. The game has some advanced mechanics and the combats can be a little difficult. Even so, it's a perfect option to form groups with friends and complete quick gaming sessions.

Play Dauntless for free!

6. Diablo III

Genre: Hack and Slash

This MMORPG is essential in the online games library. You and up to 3 friends can explore a land lost and destroyed by the forces of evil. Create your avatar from scratch, choosing a class, skills and armor. Evolve the character in a skill tree with dozens of options.

Now that Diablo IV is out, it might be a good idea to visit or revisit this masterpiece that is Diablo III!

7 Apex Legends

Genre: battle royale

Apex Legends is an exclusively first-person Battle Royale. This makes it more challenging than Fortnite, for example, as you can't hide and see who's around without showing yourself to opponents. It's more strategic, and matches can last around 25 minutes!

This game requires you to play in teams of 3 players, so it really requires cooperation, being a title aimed even at those who don't like to play alone.

Play Apex Legends for free!

8.Rocket League

Genre: sport

Rocket League is not so popular anymore, but it is still a game that provides great moments of fun to its players. After all, there's nothing more original and insane than playing soccer games controlling tuned cars.

The fun thing about Rocket League is that you can play both online and local multiplayer. With the multitude of additional content that you can purchase, it gets even more interesting. You can show off your rare vehicles to your friends as you thrash them on the lawns.

Play Rocket League for free!


Genre: battle royale

Of course Fortnite is essential on a list like this. The most important Battle Royale game is in its second Season, even better than the first. It's perfect for anyone who wants a challenging experience that encourages you to improve your game all the time.

You and 99 other players will have very little time to gather weapons and eliminate the other players to be the only survivor. Also, collecting skins and special dances are always an extra motivation to keep playing.

Play Fortnite for free!

10. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Genre: Tactical FPS

The famous CS:GO could not be left out of the list. He is super competitive, light, cheap and gives many hours of shooting with his friends. Initially it was going to be a smaller version of CS, but it ended up becoming the fourth main game in the franchise.

In terms of shooter, it's one of the best quality titles you can play right now. If you and your friends do well in the game, you can still form a team to compete in tournaments. Have you thought?

Play CS:GO for free!

11. Dota 2

Genre: MOBA

DOTA 2 has one of the most intense and loyal player communities in the MOBA world. It constantly receives updates that amplify the gameplay and add new content to the game. Despite being a little old, it hasn't lost its shine and is one of the best options for those who like games of the genre.

Play Dota 2 for free!

12. Overwatch

Genre: FPS

Overwatch was loosely inspired by Team Fortress 2, but it's not a copy. Even though it is new to the market, it is an unquestionable success. Its merits lie in the beautiful graphics, the easy and intuitive game mechanics and the super fun characters.

Special events are another good thing about the game, which allows for a diversity of gameplay. There are several modes, including an Arcade mode. You and your friends can also choose between going for the quick matches or focusing on the more competitive ones.

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13. Minecraft

Genre: Survival

Minecraft is another game that doesn't need to be presented much. It is a phenomenon, especially among children and adolescents. In fact, it is ideal for these age groups, as it stimulates creativity. The freedom offered by the title is immense. You can build anything you can imagine, in random worlds full of challenges.

Playing with friends is even cooler. You can set a goal, like building a castle together, and see how many days it takes to do that. The possibilities are almost endless here.

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14. Overcooked

Genre: cooking simulator

This one is for those who don't want to play online at all. Overcooked is more traditional, with a local way to invite friends over. As the English name suggests, you will be cooks. The objective is to form a team to prepare all the required dishes before time runs out.

In this Master Chef of digital games, your life in the kitchen will be hampered by physical obstacles. This will require a lot of coordination from all players. A fun thing is that each stage is in a different environment. There's one that's on moving trucks, which forces players to jump between vehicles.

Tense, no?

15. Valuing

Genre: Tactical FPS

Valorant is the fastest growing tactical FPS in recent times. Riot's shooter has the same characteristics as CS:GO, but with much more weak PC-friendly graphics, in addition to the company's already characteristic cartoonish visual identity. The game also mixes several Overwatch elements to offer gameplay full of action, movement, special abilities and charismatic characters. Perfect for calling friends and forming a ranked team!

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16. Unturned

Genre: Survival

Unturned is a zombie-themed survival game with more or less Minecraft-style graphics. The game has a great open world, many quests and NPCs, numerous options for crafts and vehicles and much more. The game also supports various community creations like maps, mods, plugins, etc.

Play Unturned for free!

17. Don't Starve Together

Genre: Survival

Survival game in the most classic style of the term. You and your friends are on an island whose map is randomly generated. You have to do whatever it takes to not die. This includes collecting all kinds of resources that you can. Making your own clothes, planting crops, making traps, building shelters and even hunting for food is important.

In the normal game mode, Survival, there is an obligation to cooperate with other players. Those players who die, turn into ghosts to drain the sanity of the remaining players. When everyone dies and is not resurrected, the game is over.

18. Team Fortress 2

Genre: FPS

Overwatch fans should know that this game was very much inspired by Team Fortress 2. The mechanics of the two games, by the way, are super similar. TF2, however, is completely free. The only thing you have to pay for are items to change your appearance. But only if you want.

The game has at least 30 maps, 9 battle arenas and 2 training arenas. You can play on a server with up to 36 players at the same time, so it's a great title to play with friends.

Play Team Fortress 2 for free!

19. Portal 2

Genre: puzzle

Portal 2 can be played in both single player and multiplayer mode. Both ways are fun, but it's even better if you opt for co-op. Also because the game is full of puzzles and other challenges that are much easier to overcome if you are in the company of someone.

Speaking of puzzles, they are different in single and multi versions. In fact, the entire campaign is unique in each mode. So it's really worth finding a partnership to win and escape the game's various claustrophobic rooms.

20. Hearthstone

Genre: Strategy cardgame

Every gamer who likes card games needs to play Hearthstone at least once in their life. It is a free game, although it is interesting to pay to get better cards. Anyway, it's available online and is ideal for those who want to challenge their friends to duels.

The game is even better if you are a World of Warcraft fan. All cards belong to the franchise universe, which makes the experience more immersive for anyone who has played Blizzard RPGs.

Play Hearthstone for free!

21. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Genre: adventure

Every Lego game is perfect for playing with friends on PC. But Lego Marvel Super Heroes is even better because it involves taking on dozens of Marvel villains in partnership. Imagine how cool controlling Thor and his friend controlling Iron Man as they face Loki and his plans for world domination.

This game has numerous stages, more than a hundred characters and many gameplay options. Guaranteed fun!

22. Terraria

Genre: RPG and Survival

Some consider Terraria a reimagining of Minecraft. Yes, there are similar elements, such as building structures, exploring environments and fighting. But as the game is completely in 2D, it also resembles some classics like Super Metroid.

Anyway, it's a great alternative for those who like games that stimulate the use of creativity. Interacting with NPCs and discovering new areas and worlds is another strong point of Terraria. A challenging game, especially in terms of combat, but it gets easier if you play side by side with other players.

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23. Death Road to Canada

Genre: Action Roguelike

Death Road to Canada has a bit of a pixelated, drawn and quite bizarre feel. But the idea works, as you and friends locally need to run away from zombies while driving a car. Each player controls a character. You have to decide who will drive, who will kill the zombies, among other things.

This is a game that, despite the simple proposal, is quite complicated. The hordes of enemies are many and at different times you will be surrounded. In this sense, teamwork is fundamental and indispensable for success.

24. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Genre: cooperative puzzle

Have you ever imagined yourself trying to defuse a bomb? In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes the tension is simply enormous, since that's exactly what you and your friends need to do: prevent a bomb from exploding.

One of the group will be responsible for describing the bomb to the others. The others will need to read a manual on how to defuse this bomb, in which they will try to guide the defuser in the mission of not blowing everyone up. Worst of all, of course, is that there is time to defuse this bomb.

If possible, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes should be played with augmented reality goggles by the player defusing the bomb.

25. Deceit

Genre: horror

Deceit is a horror game made to be played exclusively in groups. The game puts 6 players in the same scenario, 2 of them being monsters that must infect the others, and it's up to the others to identify them. The gameplay maintains a constant tension and forces players to pay close attention and communicate at all times.

Play Deceit for free!


Genre: battle royale

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, is already a classic of shooter games on PC. It sold very well since its launch and was one of the first and main titles in the Battle Royale genre. In fact, this game needs no introduction. So gather your friends and face dozens of other opponents in battle arenas to be the only survivor.

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27. Worms

Genre: Strategy

The classic of classic multiplayer games. Worms is a very old franchise, but it's still fun today. You and your friends control guerrilla worms that need to eliminate each other. They can use Hadouken to do this, or they can use knives, firearms, explosives, and other deadly objects.

28. Battlerite

Genre: MOBA

Battlerite is a MOBA to be played exclusively in duos or trios. The game bets on faster matches and with more action than other titles of the genre, being very fun to play with friends. The difference lies in the combats that mix elements of fighting games and even shooters.

Play Battlerite for free!

29. Albion


Albion is an MMORPG that takes a different approach than most. Here there are no classes with specific skills, and all your character's characteristics depend on the equipment used. Despite the simpler mechanics, this leaves room for a much wider range of builds and a very high level of customization. The game also has a great active community and is a great suggestion for any fan of the genre.

Play Albion for free!

30. Darwin Project

Genre: 3rd person action

Darwin Project is a different Battle Royale project and is one of the most recent. There are only 10 players in combat against each other. The map is "controlled" by an eleventh player, the Show Director, who adds traps and problems to make life difficult for players.

It's almost like The Hunger Games, and you can choose from a variety of gear. Bows, axes, bear traps, grappling hooks and electronic devices. Whoever gets the first kill of the match gains a Director perk. An intense, insane and perfect game to play online.

Play Darwin Project for free!

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