30 best Minecraft PE seeds to create worlds on mobile!

The Pocket Edition version of Minecraft also has a really cool feature from the original: the seeds to create worlds! In this article we bring you the best seeds to have new worlds in the PE version of the game.

To make the seeds work, just do the following:

  1. Before creating a world, on the screen for that, click on "Advanced".
  2. You will see that there is a specific space to place the Seed/Seed.
  3. Type or paste the code and that's it: as soon as you enter the game you will be in the chosen world!

1. Witch's Hut

Seeds: 825217104

Who doesn't want to live in a secluded cabin, far from everyone and still have a black cat worthy of a powerful witch? Well, that's what this seed offers you!

2. A flourishing field

Seeds: 1425516286

For those who like something cuter, more beautiful and full of green, this seed is ideal. It brings a wide field full of colorful flowers of the most diverse types and formats.

3. Lava cliff

Seeds: 98450566

This seed brings a mixed landscape, with waterfalls of water and lava. It can yield a good exploration, mainly because near these waterfalls there is a mine full of resources to be obtained.

4. Hidden Castle

Seeds: 66898262

Another seed that contains good resources, in addition to a blacksmith. If you carefully explore this biome, you will find a castle hidden underground. A dungeon, practically, to explore.

5. Village in the Gorge

Seeds: 50975

This village seems to be a very safe place to live. In addition to having some plantations, houses and even an observation tower.

6. City on the precipice


Here we have a small town on the edge of a cliff. It is actually a combination of 3 villages, which form a community of residents. Too bad you're the only one living in it...

7. Floating forest


This seed is pretty bizarre, but it's cool to practice parkour or rock climbing. After all, we have forests floating around, which makes it easier for you to exercise.

8. Deserted Island


In this seed we have practically nothing very interesting. In other words, how to survive? Lucky for you, there are a number of underground tunnels with dozens of resources.

9. Giant stalagmites

Seeds: 742382451

A spectacular biome in visual terms, very reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. You can explore around and mine various resources.

10. Palace in the Stones

Seed: -396676922

A super mansion for those who want to reign and survive within 4 walls. For essentials, there is a village nearby.

11. Mountain swamp


A swamp full of holes in the mountain for you to climb and enter. With luck you can find pleasant surprises inside. Or some not so good...

12. Metropolis

Seeds: 1388582293

A real city in Minecraft. Church, blacksmiths, gardens and other buildings are available in this sprawling metropolis, which means a flurry of resources.

13. Base no desert


Here we have a "military base" in the desert, with crops, a small pond and a village.

14. Tundra

Seed: KOP

For those who love snow, this tundra biome provides the perfect setting for anyone looking for an ice adventure.

15. Waterfalls in the mountains


A seed for lovers of waterfalls and beautiful landscapes. There aren't many features close by, but it's lovely for those who want something more contemplative.

16. Village in the Snow

Seeds: 1410403532

Another seed for those who like cold places. There's even a fire to keep you warm!

17. Mushroom Peninsula


A bizarre seed, is what we can say. A peninsula with giant mushrooms and lots of sea around it.

18. Village on the ocean

Seed: ACE

Did you dream of living in that paradise in the middle of the ocean? Oops, so this is your opportunity!

19. Resource jungle

Seed: -1068624430

A resourceful forest if you want wood. Here you can be a real carpenter!

20. Mountain village


Another village at the foot of a mountain. Around you have a desert, a swamp, an abyss with lava and a... Giant mushroom.

21. City on the island

Seeds: 26248

An entire island at your disposal, with a port, NPCs that do nothing and some crops.

22. Blacksmith's Gorge

Seed: XNXX

Apples, obsidian, emeralds, iron and two blacksmiths are what you will find in this seed. Ideal for resource collectors.

23. Fortress on the island

Seed: -8198

Another island, but now with an entire fortress! There are two harbors, watchtower, church and plantations.

24. Loot Village


A good place to start the game as there is a mine in the village. In other words: a lot of loot!

25. Panda Forest

Seeds: 57558375

How about building a tree house? In this biome full of pandas, parrots and bamboos you can be the king of nature!

26. Sunken ship

Seeds: 1193133207

Near where you appear is this sunken ship. In it you will find many resources and even a treasure map!

27. Temple in the desert

Seed: -1115237354

This temple has 4 chests with gold, gunpowder and other resources. Just party!

28. Diamond mine

Seed: sylph

You may not find diamonds at all, but you will find many gemstones here. And long tunnels to get lost in...

29. Desert of rocks

Seeds: 1405119578

A beautiful and wide desert with lots of space to explore. And there are still some resources that can be obtained in the region.

30. Herobrine

Seed: herobrine is fake

World created to honor the mysterious Herobrine, legendary game character!

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