27 addictive games to pass the time on PC!

If you're looking for one of those simple and addictive games to play casually, we've solved your problem. Below you will find a list of 27 perfect games to pass the time on PC. We've given preference to games that can be played directly in the browser so you don't even have to download and install them!

Candy crush saga

Play Candy Crush Saga online

If it's time to pass the time, there's no better game than Candy Crush. The mobile gaming phenomenon also has a browser version that is very easy to access and play. Extremely addictive, the game has thousands of very varied stages that will keep you stuck for a long time.


Play Slither.io online

Slither is a modern version of the famous snake game. Here the matches take place between several players at the same time, each one controlling their own snake that needs to feed to grow. The fun of the game is having smaller players collide with you to be destroyed. When this happens, you can absorb their energies to become even greater.


Play Agar.io online

One of the most popular games on the .io platform, in Agar we control a kind of bubble that needs to swallow smaller bubbles to increase in size. In exactly the same style as Slither.io, the matches take place with several players at the same time trying to swallow each other.

Realm of the mad god

Jogue Realm of the Mad God online

Realm of the Mad God is a very chaotic game full of flashy special effects. The game mixes MMRPG elements with Bullet Hell (games where all you do is shoot), so the action is frenetic. The visual identity is very charming with pixelated and 2D graphics. Even with so much going on at the same time, here you can level up, find loot, learn skills and other classic RPG mechanics.


Play Transformice online

Transformice is a kind of "party game" in which several players are placed in the same scenario. Each one controls a mouse and the only objective is to get a cheese and take it back to the burrow. in Control puts you and several other players in control of mice with the sole objective of catching a cheese and taking it back to the den. It turns out that the objective becomes difficult precisely because everyone wants to do it at the same time, so the screen turns into real chaos and players end up messing up or even killing themselves. So much fun!


Play Gobattle.io online

GoBattle.io is a medieval themed multiplayer platform game. Here, multiple players gather in a 2D dungeon filled with monsters to defeat and items to collect. Over time, the money found through the level can be used to purchase new weapons and equipment to improve your character. The greatest grace, however, is being able to choose between very different game modes.

Bloons TD 5

Play online Bloons TD 5 online

Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense game in which we have to place armed structures to stop the advance of waves of enemies. Even with all the Bloons style, the game still requires a good level of strategy and good management of resources so that you can advance.


Play DOOM online

If you want to spend time blasting demons in a casual and hands-on way, the first DOOM is an experience you're looking for. The title that started one of the most successful franchises of all time already has a very practical browser version that we can play without much compromise.


Play Krunker.io online

For FPS fans who don't want to kill time in fast and addictive matches, Krunker.io is one of the best possible options. This 3D shooter for the browser is a kind of Call of Duty with Minecraft graphics and, despite the simplicity of the graphics, it has surprisingly large and fun content. Multiple game modes, fluid mechanics, challenges, mods and skins are just some of the elements you'll find here.

Game of Bombs

Play Game of Bombs online

Imagine Bomberman, but in a much bigger setting and with A LOT more players. This is Game of Bombs. The game is a kind of battle royale totally inspired by the success of the Super Nintendo that puts hundreds of players in a single scenario with the objective of blowing each other up. For this, as in Bomberman, it is possible to collect items to increase speed, number of bombs and explosion radius.


Play Flaap.io online

Flaap.io is a reproduction of the great (and fleeting) hit Flappy Bird. For those who don't know, here we control a small and strange bird with the sole objective of not touching any of the pipes directly taken from Super Mario. The commands couldn't be simpler: just press the spacebar to jump. However, the simplicity ends there as the game's physics is very difficult to master and requires a lot of attention and timing between each command. In addition, the game follows the endless run style, that is, the objective is always to beat your own record.


Play Spelunky online

Spelunky is a very charismatic platformer that feels more like a mix between Super Mario and Indiana Jones. The gameplay is very simple and you just need to explore the scenery in search of survivors. Even so, the game is so good that it won a version for PC and even for PS4.

Naruto Online

play naruto online

Naruto Online is an MMORPG based entirely on the famous anime. The graphics are of great quality and the visual identity is very faithful to the original. The game has everything the genre can offer like a level system, equipment, quests, NPCs, etc. Combat takes place in turns and the story takes many elements from the original plot. However, here we need to create our own characters, that is, we do not control any of the already known characters.


Play Starblast.io online

Starblast is a spaceship game that follows the same style as most .io games, with the difference that it focuses much more on the "collective". Here, we team up with one of the game's factions to take on players from rival factions. As you defeat enemies and gather resources in space, you can upgrade your ship and gain new weapons and abilities.

World’s Biggest Pac-Man

Jogue World's Biggest Pac-Man online

With a very explanatory title, World's Biggets Pac-man is the famous "come eat" game, but in a gigantic setting. There is also the possibility for players to create their own maps, but overall, the game offers exactly the same as the classic yellow ball titles.

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

Play Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution online

"Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution". What name! The game belongs to the endless run style and we control a robot unicorn through a scenario full of obstacles. There's not much to explain: you just have to run as long as possible without crashing to accumulate points. It's you against you.


Play Wilds.io online

Wilds.io is an MMORPG that doesn't require much dedication. Although it doesn't look like it, the game is in 3D and has several different modes for you to play in both short and longer sessions. All in all, there's a Sandbox mode where you can explore, level up and equip your character the way you want, a PvP mode and a multiplayer mode where two teams face each other in a kind of football where you can decapitate your opponents.

Alien hominid

Play Alien Hominid online

Alien Hominid is a run and gun game that follows the same style as Metal Slug. Here we control a small alien that advances through the scenario destroying all enemies in front of it. The game also has several references to Men in Black and a very captivating visual identity. It is worth it!

Abobo’s Big Adventure

Play Abobo's Big Adventure online

Abobo's Big Adventure is a "game/parody" in which we control Abobo, one of the bosses of the classic game Double Dragon released for Nintendo. Here, we travel through different levels inspired by games from that time to beat enemies and find the protagonist's son. A tribute to several arcade games.


Play ZombsRoyale.io online

Another battle royale from the .io platform. Zombs Royale offers a very complete experience and has all the classic elements you'd expect. You can choose to play solo, in a duo or in a squad, but in a 2D perspective seen from above. When starting matches, players parachute into the chosen area and start equipping themselves with weapons and items they find on the map. Obviously, the player or team that is alive last wins.


Play 2048 online

2048 is one of the simplest and most addictive games on this list. Here we control a kind of board with several numbers multiples of 2. Whenever we move the screen to one side, all the same numbers are added and become one. The objective of the game is to reach the number 2048.


Play Warbrokers.io online

An amazing FPS with Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch modes. With minimalist graphics and 3D, the game focuses on the action of matches and offers a good variety of items and weapons. In Battle Royale, the game follows the mold of the genre with multiple players choosing where to parachute, looting and running from the circle. In Deathmatch, of course, the shooting is frenetic.


Play Zorbio.io online

Zorb.io is the same thing as Agar.io, but in 3D. If you didn't read the description of Agar.io above, the game puts you in control of a bubble that needs to feed on smaller bubbles (i.e. smaller players) in order to grow. In addition to the obvious visual difference, Zorb's extra dimension makes room for countless new maneuvers, both defensive and offensive.

Street Skater

Play Street Skater online

Street Skater is a very simple and fun platform game in which we control a skater who has to dodge various obstacles. The game only has 3 commands as the character moves alone and follows the same style of games like Flappy Bird.

Slay One.io

Play Slay.One online

Slay One pits multiple players against each other in a 2D battle royale of sorts. As you defeat enemies, you can level up your character to become stronger and gain access to more equipment. It is also possible to place traps in the scenario to catch other players off guard.


Play Chromedino online

The dinosaur game when the internet goes down can also be played online! This version is a perfect replica of Google's game, with all obstacles, point counter and sound effects.


Play QWOP online

To finish, we put here one of the most annoying games of all time. QWOP is a great game to pass the time, but not in a pleasant way. Here, we need to use the Q,W,O and P keys to move an athlete's thighs and shins. It turns out that it is extremely difficult to make the character walk since perfect coordination between each of these keys is required. Get ready to take a million tumbles before you even take a step.

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