20 best Fallout 4 mods that will make your gameplay easier

Fallout 4 is a complete game full of qualities for those who like open world style games. However, there is a lot of extra content that the title community is constantly creating in order to make the player experience even more fun! And in this article we bring you the 20 best Fallout 4 mods for you to make your journey fantastic!

1. Lightsaber


Yes, you didn't read that wrong: you can have a lightsaber in Fallout 4. It can be red, blue, green and even purple! This adds another level of action and fun to the gameplay. Especially for those who are super fans of Star Wars and the eternal struggle between the Sith and the Jedi.

2. Armadura do Darth Vader


Of course a lightsaber needs to be used by a worthy warrior. And none more worthy than Darth Vader! The most iconic villain in cinemas is in Fallout 4 and promises to make your adventure much more interesting.

3. Use the Force


We promise this is the last Star Wars-themed Fallout 4 mod. Using the Force here is limited compared to a Star Wars game, but you can be happy. You can disarm enemies, push them, shoot lightning from your hands and blow everything up.

4. Roupa Hazmat para Gunners


The Gunners are a group of very famous mercenaries in Fallout 4. This outfit added by the mod allows them to protect themselves from biochemical events. After all, Hazmat just means something chemically dangerous. Also, visually the outfit is pretty crazy!

5. Everything rusty


The appearance of the scenarios in Fallout 4 is often quite the end of the world. Houses falling apart, cars and buildings full of rust and dust. The mod in question makes all this even more accentuated, which gives the idea that humanity really is in a serious moment of apocalypse.

6. Wasteland with optimized graphics


Wasteland didn't get the best graphics it could have in Fallout 4. And since you spend so much of your journey there, it can be frustrating to see that the apocalyptic settings could have been visually better. With this mod we have a Wasteland with textures tuned and much closer to the real thing.

7. Darkest Nights


This mod is editable, so you can have dark nights or pitch-black nights. It is a way to bring greater realism, because in places without electric light, it is very likely that natural light will not be able to allow you to see everything.

8. Visible maps


Maps are often an issue in many open world games. They are almost always unclear, which makes it difficult to see where you have to go and where your goal is. The mod makes Fallout 4 maps much better in this regard, including with well-defined streets.

9. Weapons don't automatically point at NPCs


As a rule, the protagonist's weapons point almost automatically at the NPCs. This can lead to very annoying situations, like you having to unintentionally take a few shots. With this mod, weapons are always lowered, even pointing when you decide it's time to do so.

10. Faster Power Armor animations


Power Armors are powerful armor that lends a helping hand against tougher enemies. However, all the excitement of wearing them makes you lose a lot of time and a little more life points than you'd like. So install this mod, which will reduce the waiting time to equip the outfit.

11. Terminator Synth


This mod is more cosmetic, but it's still cool. Remember the 1st and 2nd generation Synth? They look a lot like the skeleton from the Terminator movies. All the mod does is make him even more similar.

12. Wear clothing and armor together


One problem with Fallout 4 is that you have VERY cool clothes to wear, but you can't equip armor on top of them. This makes your avatar much more vulnerable. By installing the mod, you will be able to wear clothes and armor together, having the best of both at the same time.

13. Intense storms


Fallou 4 has crazy storms, which hinder your actions and make the game more difficult. If you are a fan of insane and completely unpredictable gamelay, then install this mod. With it the storms will become 10x more powerful and constant.

14. Correction of dialogs


The translation of Fallout 4's dialogue into our language left the characters' lines different from what they actually say. This was necessary to maintain the space and number of characters on the game screen. But you who understand English know that the characters didn't say exactly that. This mod brings the real translations of the lines.

15. More options for settlements


Settlements were a long-awaited introduction to Fallout 4. Too bad there is very little choice in terms of customization. By installing this mod, you will have more than 1000 objects at your disposal to make your settlement the way you imagined it.

16. Make your own ammo


This is more for anyone who wants a highly realistic experience in Fallout 4. We live in an apocalyptic world, so hopefully it's not that simple to find bullets for every weapon in the game. So learning how to make your ammo can be interesting. But beware: it's quite difficult to do, and there may be some explosions in the process...

17. New songs for the radio


Another really cool feature of Fallout 4 is having a radio. There are several songs available, but of course after a while and listening to all of them you get a little tired. The mod brings over 100 new songs to accompany you on your journey.

18. Know where your teammates are


Fallout 4 companions can be very helpful, but they often disappear from your sight. In fact, when you need them most. With this mod, you assign missions to them and they appear on the map. That is: it is much easier to know where each one is!

19. Infinite ammo for your teammates


Another annoyance is having to worry about whether your companions have too many bullets or if you'll have to keep giving them yours. Do you want to end this problem? Install the mod and they will have infinite ammo.

20. Power Armor Teleportation


Carrying Power Armors all the time can be quite tiring, as well as taking up space. As you won't always need them, you can keep them in a settlement. When you have this mod installed, you get an item that teleports them to where you are. Much easier!

How to install Fallout 4 mods?

Each mod has its requirements to be correctly installed in the game. Although, as a rule, just download them and replace the respective files already installed on the PC. However, it is important that you read the instructions for each modification, so as not to make mistakes and harm your game.

By the way, we recommend that you backup your save file. This will prevent you from losing your progress by accident.

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