2 ways to create a custom room on Free Fire!

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Creating a private room on Free Fire allows you to build games with different rules and limited access. Find out how to create your own room simply and without gimmicks by following our guide.

There are currently two methods to be able to create private rooms: earn a room creation card by being part of a guild or doing lives or streams on Youtube. Earning a room card is the simplest method.

Method 1: Earn the Room Card

To earn Room Card you must be part of a guild. In addition, it is necessary:

  • Participate in guild tournaments
  • The guild needs to be very active and play together
  • Get enough Dog Tags

Learn how to join or create your own guild!

Dog Tags are the points a player earns by participating in guild tournaments. Depending on the amount of dog tags, players can earn different rewards.

  • 400 Dog Tags: 3 Treasure Maps; 500 honor
  • 800 Dog Tags: 3 Airdrops; 800 de Honra
  • 1250 Dog Tags: 1 Scanner Card; 1200 Honor
  • 1800 Dog Tags: 1 Room Creation Card; 1800 of Honor

It is very important to play with your guildmates whenever possible, as the amount of Dog Tags you will be able to collect will depend on the size of your guild and the activity of the players. Remember that there is a daily limit of Dog Tags that the guild can take. Gathering 1800 Dog Tags is time consuming, but worth it. If you really want to have your own custom room, you're going to need a lot of shooting and hours of gameplay. However, every week it is possible to get a room card as long as your guild reaches the right level.

Note: On some Asian servers it is already possible to buy the room card in the Shop. Possibly, it will be available for our country players.

Method 2: Create content for streams, lives and YouTube

Credits: Nobru

Another method of getting a personalized room is to create content about Free Fire using Youtube, creating videos or broadcasting live, making the so-called "live" or "stream". To broadcast live using your cell phone, you must have at least 5000 subscribers on your channel and be over 17 years old. And even there, it's not guaranteed who can create a personalized room.

As with any popular game, there are hundreds (or thousands) of other players with the same idea as you. Being a good streamer or a good youtuber takes a lot of time and you need to invest a lot of time to create a cool channel with lots of subscribers. It's not enough to be a good shot or catch Mestre.

How to create the room and customize

Cool, you already have your room card. Now it's time to finally create your room with your own rules. Just go to the room creation menu and choose the details you prefer. After entering the name of the room, decide if you want to lock it with a password and choose your favorite details. You will be able to set the map, game mode (solo, duo or squad), drop mode, vehicle usage, amount of life for each player, speed and much more.

There are some places on the internet that offer custom room cards or apps for that purpose. These methods, in addition to being illegal, can serve to steal your information. So don't take any chances.

Creating a custom room is a reward for professional Free Fire players. Check out our advanced tips for becoming a better player, as well as our updated character and skill guide!

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