18 Roblox-like games to create worlds!

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Do you like Roblox and creating universes in sandbox games? Then check out this list of Roblox-like games so you can spend several hours building structures, items and kingdoms, either solo or in multiplayer with your friends and other players in the community!

1. Minecraft

  • Available to: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Androis, iOS, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS e Nintendo Switch
  • Launch: 2022

Minecraft is the world's most famous block-building sandbox game. In addition, exploration, combat and customization are other features of the game that stand out. And, of course, the game is ideal for anyone who wants a wide multiplayer experience, something that Roblox also allows!

2. Garry's Mod

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2004

Garry's Mod is a game with practically no objective, that is: it's to enjoy doing whatever you want, with all the freedom of a vast world. You will find dozens of mods and games within the game, created by the community. Basically it's a Roblox with greatly improved graphics.

3. LEGO Worlds

  • Available to: PC, Xbox One, PS4 e Nintendo Switch
  • Launch: 2022

Who never wanted to build a whole world of LEGOS?! LEGO Worlds lets you use your imagination to the fullest, as the objective is to create whatever you want using the most famous blocks in the world. In addition, character customization is another very high quality point!

4. Blockland

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2007

Blockland is a generic LEGO, but with everything the original game brings. In other words: you have blocks and you can build practically anything you want, in addition to being able to customize your characters with clothes and accessories.

5. Synthetic World

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2022

Synthetic World is a game that allows you to build both scenarios and physical structures, which allows you to build castles, houses, mansions and also create caves, mountains and even entire oceans!

6. Terasology

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2022

Terasology is similar to Roblox and Minecraft. You'll feel right at home if your goal is to build worlds for friends and strangers to visit. It is open source, so it is constantly expanding and updating, being a game with a fresher air to the genre, compared to previous titles.

7. Trove

  • Available to: PC, Xbox One and PS4
  • Launch: 2022

Trove mixes sandbox with arena MMO. You have the possibility to choose between different classes of characters, being able to customize your avatar in an almost infinite way. Exploration of dungeons and other open environments is a strong point, with a strong focus on loot.

8. CastleMiner Z

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2022

CastleMiner Z is focused on survival, in which you must do everything you can to survive the various monsters that appear in your path quite often. Building weapons and shelters is one way to do this, as is exploring for resources. If you want, there's the Creation Mode, with infinite possibilities to use your creativity.

9. Cubic Castles

  • Available to: PC, Android e iOS
  • Launch: 2022

The game is Cubic Castles is focused on giving players the possibility to create castles and vertical structures, up to the heights. Using cubes and other block types, you can create an entire kingdom from scratch. And, of course, there's the social aspect of it, where you can be visited and visit other players.

10. The Blockheads

  • Available to: Android and iOS
  • Launch: 2022

Blockheads is kind of a "copy but not equal" in relation to Minecraft. Blockheads are avatars controlled by players, who must build and destroy things the way they want, in addition to exploring different types of scenarios. Even the weather variation is present, which is a lot of fun!

11. Mythruna

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2022

Mythruna is a fusion of sanbox, exploration, structure building and RPG. Incidentally, it's perfect for fans of the Role Playing genre, as you basically create the worlds for you and others to explore and enjoy.

12. Minetest

  • Available to: PC e Android
  • Launch: 2022

Minetest is Roblox-like in that it comes with its own games, but it allows you to create your own games or play games created by other players. In addition, the size allowed for creating maps is GIANT, so you can easily, easily spend dozens of hours having fun in this game.

13. KoGaMa

  • Available to: Browser
  • Launch: 2010

Another game with the same footprint as Roblox, as there is an infinity of game creation possibilities. You can make games of any genre, as long as you're creative enough and don't mind spending time exploring KoGaMa's tools.

14. GrowTopia

  • Available to: PC, Android e iOS
  • Launch: 2022

This 2D classic runs on mobile phones like a charm, without sacrificing the beautiful multiplayer experience that comes with playing it. Build worlds using pixelated blocks, collect resources and trade with your friends and other players.

15. Creativerse

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2022

This sandbox survival is one of the best in terms of graphics. In addition to being beautiful, it allows you to interact with creatures, plants and various resources, being able to build weapons and shelters. In addition, those who think about being an architect can have good training in this game, as it is quite complex in that sense.

16. Rising World

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2022

Rising World is more graphically advanced, leaving aside the blocky visuals of Minecraft and Roblox. Now imagine that with the possibility to build worlds in a survival sandbox, where you can completely change the environment around you.

17. Worm Unlimited

  • Available to: PC
  • Launch: 2022

Wurm Unlimited is a game in which the player creates and controls the server. You'll find very little crafting limitation, and when you decide your world is ready, what do you have? A complete MMORPG to battle in PvE and PvP!

18. Terraria

  • Available to: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Androis, iOS, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS e Nintendo
  • Launch: 2009

Terraria is focused on being an action-adventure RPG, but with good world-building features. However, the main focus of creation here is on materials and other items, almost like a crafting game. In addition, the PvE combat system is very fun and challenging.

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