17 GTA San Andreas mods for Android you have to play!

GTA San Andreas has already become one of the classic Rock Star games, having a version for Android, where you can carry out various missions. However, there is always some mod that can make the game more interesting.

So, if you want diversified cars, play with other people online and face gangs with their spider webs, check out the list below with the 17 mods that will give the game a different flavor.

1. GTA our country

This modification changes the game to another scenario. The game now has our country cars, motorcycles and even NPCs. The map in the upper left corner and the entire scenery around it have also been changed.

So, if you want to take a walk through the streets of Rio de Janeiro while completing your missions or just ride in a vehicle from our country, like a yellow brasilia, this mod is perfect for you.

Final report: To download this mod it is necessary to use the CPU-Z and Zachiver apps that can be found on the play store.

Download the mod here

2. SA-MP

Here you will have the experience of playing GTA SA in online multiplayer mode in mobile version and thus, you will be able to cooperate with other players.

This modification is highly recommended, considering that SA-MP was adapted for Android and provides a way to play similar to the one on PC.

Final report: You must not have GTA San Andreas pre-installed on your cell phone, because you will have to install the version of the game found in the link below that comes with the mod of SA-MP online.

Download the mod here

3. Cleo, All Unlimited

When you play GTA SA, you know how important it is to have money or ammo. They are items that help in the course of the game and that sometimes run out and you have to turn around to get more. Now with this mod it will no longer be necessary.

The modification provides players with unlimited ammo, money and other factors that will make your life in the game much easier and more accessible to complete missions.

Download the mod here

4. Load Mod

This mod will “bring to life” CJ outside of the game. Because, whenever you load the savegame, the character will be doing something, like running away from a police chase or dancing inside a party.

The situation and the place where the CJ will appear is random when loading the save, however the 3 cities must be unlocked, considering that the character can appear anywhere.

Final report: If any city is still blocked, the mod will automatically turn off.

Download the mod here

5. Aesthetic Low Poly Cars Pack

This mod is a pack that will replace a lot of vehicles bringing a nostalgic vibe to the game, with old models full of details from previous generations of cars.

The Aesthetic Low Poly Cars Pack actually replaces 90% of land vehicles such as sports cars, sedans, pickup trucks, trucks, vans and others.

Final report: When you download the file, you will see that it has two versions, one for Mobile and one for PC, the link will also give you the availability to download the Mobile version separately.

Download the mod here

6. Translation our language

Including the translation into our language of the game GTA San Andreas is the icing on the cake. Now you can easily understand the missions that have to be completed and the game's plot.

This translation was based on GTA V, with various slang words from our language of our country. In addition to each sentence being imagined in an informal conversation, to bring the natural feeling of dialogues between gangs. This translated content has undergone a rigorous review.

Final report: The translation is also present in all HD loadscreens.

Download the mod here


Do jutsus, run around the village of Folha with your arms behind your back, fight against other ninjas and protect your village from enemy villages, all this became possible with this Naruto mod.

Here, everything was changed, becoming practically a new game. You will be able to control any character from the Naruto universe that is among the options, and there are many. The mod added the setting, characters and other features from the anime, providing a unique experience for fans of GTA and Naruto.

Final report: the link has a video explaining how to download the mod on the site itself.

Download the mod here

8. Peugeot 1600Rdi Tuning

This mod brings a Peugeot car, an old sports model, with changes that make it unique. Stylized design of the Bad boy brand on the front of the car, demonstrating that the character has a different lifestyle.

Currently the car can only be found in green color and its doors are opened upwards, instead of the conventional way, another factor that gives a more sporty air to the vehicle and draws so much attention from the players.

Download the mod here

9. Silent Hill Mod

Well, if you like horror games, this mod is perfect for you! When entering a certain area of ​​the city with the car, the vehicle will break down, so you will have to go on foot and from there CJ's life starts to get more complicated.

Fog, strange creatures and other factors begin to emerge to prevent your exit from the city. With this mod, a part of San Andreas becomes the terrible Silent Hill, giving the game a darker air, where survival is the main mission.

Final report: you will have to leave the city on foot, as any vehicle that tries to facilitate your exit will break down.

Download the mod here

10. Directx 2.0 Final Version

If you are tired of the old graphics of GTA San Andreas, you have to try this mod! It will give the game a different look, with lots of visual effects, glows, textures and tones that will make it look like a brand new game.

Vehicles and tracks acquire realistic reflections, the streets look different, as if they were from a game from this decade.

Download the mod here

11. Car Spawn

Sometimes you don't know which car to use in the game, but thanks to the Car Spawn mod we will be able to have a visual reference of the vehicles. Starting from conventional cars, trucks, speedboats and much more.

Unlike other mods that feature a menu with different cars, this one features any vehicle in front of your character. Where, you can choose which one you want just using the directional arrows to the sides that will appear on the screen.

Download the mod here

12. Plane Heist

With this mod you get an additional mission to fulfill. You will have to go to the airport and steal 5 old cars imported by a company and deceive the guards hired to protect the vehicles.

The Plane Heist mod provides a side quest full of action and tension, in an airport full of well-armed guards, it's up to you to choose how you will complete the mission.

Download the mod here

13. Jumping Cars

With this mod, you will enjoy a quick walk through the streets of the game, having a view from above, as your car will be jumping from one point to another in the city.

Jumping Cars is a fun and different way to get to know the game's setting, as well as avoiding crashes and a great way to escape.

Download the mod here

14. GTA SA Spider-Man

With this mod you will be able to be the good friend of the neighborhood in GTA San Andreas. That's right, you can become Spider-Man, and you can use all your abilities to complete missions.

The Spider-Man mod changes the way to play, being able to move around cities using their webs, jump between buildings and much more. In addition, you will be able to choose which version of the uniform you will use, starting from the classic version to the costume from the movie Infinity War. With this mod you will become the real hero of San Andreas.

Download the mod here

15. GTA V Imponte Ruiner 2000 Fully Weaponized

In GTA San Andreas, the possibility has been included for you to have a car full of weapons and other equipment that would leave the 007 spy in the dust.

With this mod, your vehicle is fully armed and prepared, with missiles, machine guns and other weapons. And if you're going to fall from a great height, don't worry, the car has a built-in parachute.

Final report: this mod works on multiple devices except PC.

Download the mod here

16. Hancock Fly v2

With this mod, you transform the character CJ into Hancock, the character that gives the movie its name, and acquire his powers too, being able to fly, run, swim and fight much faster.

Hancock Fly v2 will provide your character with several abilities and you will definitely want to test each one of them. In addition, you will find that completing missions will be more interesting.

Download the mod here

17. Spawner Zombies

For fans of Resident Evil or other games that involve zombies, we have a very interesting option. Spawner Zombies mod puts you in a situation where running to survive is the only option. With hordes of zombies popping up at any time, you'll never know when they'll show up to try to devour you.

If you thought that running away from the police or facing gangs was complicated, get ready, because this mod will make life much more difficult for CJ in the game.

Download the mod here

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