13 building tips for the perfect house in The Sims 4!

Building in The Sims 4 is one of the coolest activities in the game. In this article, we brought 15 tips for you to have perfect houses and mansions without suffering too much from the complexity of the title's build mode. In addition, let's

1. Build small houses

The first tip may seem "boring", as many players tend to want to have large mansions in The Sims 4. However, we advise, especially for beginners, to start by building small houses. That way you can fill it all out, giving it style and personality, as well as utility.

Very large houses can be filled with unnecessary objects and furniture that don't match each other. Small houses are easier for you to make comfortable, useful and perfect to live in!

2. Use the ladder tool wisely

Something that The Sims 4 lets you do is completely change the layout of the stairs in the house you want to build. This is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional point of view, as you can have better access to the most diverse divisions of the building.

In addition, you can use all your creativity to build bizarre or super modern houses. In fact, if you're really skilled with the tool, you can even create something similar to the Hogwarts stairs from Harry Potter!

3. Be careful when choosing the height of floors

Another exclusive The Sims 4 tool! There are 3 floor heights to choose from, allowing you to create unique building concepts, ranging from the most classic to the most modern homes.

Just be careful, as this choice will later affect the height of the windows and doors you put in the house. And not only that: some decoration objects are unavailable, depending on which type of height you choose. So do experiments to find the best choice for the house you want to have.

4. Customize the terrain around the house

The terrain editing tool is wonderful if you know how to use it. By moving the land where the house will be, you add more personality to your new home. You can place the building on top of a small hill, for example, or build two houses connected by a bridge.

This tool also allows you to take care of the garden, leaving it looking more beautiful and realistic, which brings much more value to the whole of your construction.

5. Learn to use the half walls tool

The half wall tool is one of the most difficult to use, but when mastered it can add a lot of style to your home. You can create walls of almost any height, which can be really cool if you want to create "strategic" separations in the house, like a movie theater, a bar, or a small play space.

6. Play with the house foundation

Initially some players may not know what shape of house they want to build. In hallway? More square? With a round room? Before finally determining what the foundation of the house will be, play around with the formats and test until you find the ideal foundation.

7. Swap rooms or merge them together

One very good thing we can do in The Sims 4 is to move a room without having to destroy walls or remove furniture and decorations. Just click on the walls during construction mode and you can move them around, which is great for those who already have the house ready and just want to change a room or a room quickly.

8. Play with the levels inside the house

You can add small stairs and steps or even create a small "depression" in the floor, completely changing the concept of the space you are in, without having to change floors. One idea, for example, is to place stairs that lead to a lower part of the room, building a living and living room, as in the image above.

9. Build the house with the roof in mind

The roof is by far the most difficult part to build in The Sims 4. Much of this is due to the fact that the tool is limited, but at the same time full of buttons and commands that can be complex for beginners.

For that reason, start building the house with the roof in mind. This way you will already know how much time you will have to spend adjusting the size of the roof structure, what material to use to compose the roof and how much to spend on it.

10. Use cheat "bb.moveobjects" to decorate

The "bb.moveobjects" cheat allows you to move and place any object, whether decoration or furniture, anywhere in the house, regardless of its size. This is great for having greater freedom of decoration and creating a more visually beautiful space.

The only care you should take here is to avoid doing this with interactive objects, such as musical instruments. Placing these objects in inappropriate places can prevent your Sim from being able to interact with them.

11. Choose a style and follow it to the end

This tip is more personal, because in terms of home style, decoration, etc., everyone should follow what they think is best for their style. However, you are more likely to be happier in the end if you stick to one style, otherwise the house will be a pointless mess.

Mixing different colors that have nothing to do with each other is strange. So research and think of a color palette that you think is beautiful and apply it throughout the house, from the colors of the walls to the objects. This will make the spaces more harmonious, smooth and coherent.

12. Change object sizes if you want

Think your TV is too small? A flower vase or painting that is too big? Then use a cheat to change the scale of any object. Just press SHIFT and "[" or "]", and the object will increase or decrease. That simple!

13. Earn secret objects

Want to have all the objects in the game without the expansions? Well, how about using the "bb.showhiddenobjects" cheat? It will give you access to all objects, whether they are useful or not. This will allow you to invent unique and even bizarre combinations in the interior and exterior of the house!

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