12 truck mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Want some different machines to make your deliveries in Euro Truck Simulator 2? Then see 12 truck mods! Some are specific to our country for those who want something more from our country. Others bring some surprises that will make your gameplay much more interesting in this simulator!

1. Carrier Forward our country

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One of the most famous carriers in our country now in your Euro Truck Simulator. The design is very faithful, not only on the side of the monster, but also on the rear and in all the vehicle's accessories.

2. Typical truck from our country

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Who has never seen that typical truck of our country, long, with that sentence saying something like "It was God who gave it to me"? Well then: now you can drive this truck and feel in those programs "Follow well, truck driver", especially if you have a mod for our country roads installed.

3. Our country trailers

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This mod brings a pack of skins from our country companies or that travel through our country's roads frequently. The case of Frimesa, Danone, Friboi and many others.

4. Gasoline truck

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A green and yellow Scania fuel truck. Ugly, we know, but it can give you that more patriotic air you needed to enjoy the game's European roads a little more.

5. Truck with our country's flag

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Almost a continuation of the other mod, but it only brings the beautiful flag of our country for you to put on all the trucks you want!

6. Empire of our country

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This one is for those who think that our country should never have stopped being a monarchy. In fact, it is really beautiful and very well made. The design of this trailer matches many trucks!

7. Ford 14000

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Those who are older will remember that the Ford 14000 was once the typical truck of our countryman from the poorest regions of the country. Now he's retired, but his understated style hasn't lost its charm.

8. Our country trailer truck

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If you want to play the tug of other trucks, this is your chance. A typical and classic tugboat from some of our country's cities.

9. Coca-Cola Truck

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Coca-Cola fan? Always wanted to work delivering soda to the crowd? This is your opportunity! With this mod you almost become an employee of the carbonated beverage giant.

10. The Best Prime

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This one could not be missed at all. Optimus Prime was well designed in this mod and deserves your attention. It's a shame not to turn the robot, but it already gives good energy to play Euro Truck with it!

11. Joker's Truck

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This truck is worth a lot for the Joker graffiti on the side, but also for all the rusty and ruined style it has. It's certainly very different from anything the base game offers.

12. Kenworth Gorgeous

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Finally, this magnificent Kenworth. This machine is beautiful from the bumper to the rear. It has super different lights on the front, bronze chrome accents and skulls. Anyway: it's impossible not to want to have one!

How to install the mods?

Installing the mods is simple. By default you will download and replace the files installed on your computer with those that are downloaded. But of course some require tools, applications or even prerequisites such as DLCs.

Anyway, this can be verified on each mod's own pages. The creators explain how to install and which files to replace. Take the opportunity to discover more Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods.

Just be careful not to damage your game or your save file. Back up your game so you don't lose your progress!

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