11 ways to make money and get rich in GTA V Online!

GTA V Online only makes sense if you have a lot of money. So you can have the best weapons, cars and amazing houses. But how to earn money quickly in this game mode? So you don't have to suffer, we give you some tips to fill your pockets with money!

1. Make big heists: the Heists

If you have three friends and you can access an upscale apartment, big heists are the best way to make money. But that only works if you complete each mission as efficiently as possible. One example is the Assault on the Pacific and the Doomsday heists.

If Heists are performed correctly, you can earn a lot of money per hour. But this only works with the help of friends, as it makes it easier to coordinate the operation. And you run less risk of being scammed by an unknown player.

2. Steal and sell cars

The good thing about this method is that you can make money on other activities while doing this one. For it to work, you need to have a car warehouse and an office building. Only have TOP cars, so you can export these cars for high prices.

The tricky thing about this strategy is that it can't be done all the time. Once you make an export, you must wait a few hours before you can repeat it. Another however is that the initial investment to have the warehouse and offices is high. But this can be compensated for over time.

You can also, if you prefer, buy the cars to sell them for a higher price. Or, as suggested, steal.

3. VIP Jobs

VIP jobs come when you have an organization where you are a VIP or CEO. In the company menu you can choose "VIP Job", and there will appear several missions that you can perform whenever you want.

These missions don't pay much money per hour, but they are easy to do. You can kill someone being wanted, save hostages, among other options.

4. Selling illicit products

You can sell some illicit goods in GTA V Online. The gains from this are passive, that is: they are few, but constant. To earn from this you must have a bunker to deal in weapons or you can buy a motorcycle club to deal in drugs.

Heavy, we know, but it's GTA V, you know...

5. Races

There are races scattered around the map, the so-called Time Trials. In a few minutes you can make up to 50K! But pay attention: the longer you take to complete a challenge, the less profit you will get in the end. So be quick and efficient!

6. Rob convenience stores

Robbing these stores is not the safest way to make money. But with a minimally decent vehicle and, who knows, with the help of a friend, this might be the fastest way to make money for a while.

Don't forget to save your money before each robbery, because if you are arrested you will lose everything you won!

7. Complete daily goals

Every day you have access to three objectives. If you complete them, you earn a reward of $25.000. Usually these missions are very simple and quick to do. per week you can earn $175.000 per week.

But there is a monthly cap of $1.580.000 that you can earn through these goals. Go completing the missions just until you run out of this maximum and set them aside until the following month.

8. Accept missions offered by characters in the story

In GTA V Online, several characters from the main story will get in touch to offer job opportunities. This is also a good way to earn money, as the rewards are usually between the $18.000 and the $23.000.

9. Take "honest" jobs

Taking jobs in GTA Online is one of the most consistent and fun ways to earn money. These jobs range from fighting to racing and you'll get a lot of money.

The amount of cash and experience rewards also varies depending on your performance in each job. To get these quests, you can search the map or, in an easier way, the jobs quick menu.

10. Enjoy weekend events

Rockstar Games is always promoting weekend events in GTA V Online. They vary, but they all give great rewards in cash and experience.

These events are usually announced on Fridays and double the rewards for the jobs, races and fights you participate in over the weekend.

11. Invest in the Stock Exchange

In GTA V Online you have access to the BAWSAQ stock exchange. Here, all investments and actions of all players will influence market fluctuations.

This means that if you invest good money, the profits can be very big, but the risks are also significant. So study the market and see if it's really worth doing this.

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