11 tips to succeed in FIFA 19 Career Mode

FIFA 19 Career Mode is a great challenge and you have to know the best tips to follow the path to success. There are several details to make good signings and manage your squad well.

Obviously, doing well in FIFA is very important, but if you follow these tips, we guarantee that it will be much easier to fulfill your goals in the team.

1. Choose the best teams (more money)

Time Championship Money
PSG Ligue 1 $ 221M
Real Madrid LaLiga $ 219M
FC Barcelona LaLiga $ 218M
Manchester Utd Premier League $ 203M
Manchester City Premier League $ 197M
FC Bayern Bundesliga $ 116M
Chelsea Premier League $ 110M
Arsenal Premier League $ 107M
Juventus Serie A $ 104M
Liverpool Premier League $ 104M
Spurs Premier League $ 99M
Atletico Madrid LaLiga Santander $ 80M

These are the 12 teams with the most money in FIFA 19 and if you choose one of them it will be much easier to sign the best players. The richest team is PSG which, even after the huge investments in Mbappé and Neymar, still has a lot of money to improve the squad.

The Premier League is a very competitive league and there are many teams with a lot of money to invest like the two Manchester teams. In Spain, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are very close. In Germany FC Bayern is the dominant team and in Italy so is Juventus.

But if you don't like facilities, meet the most challenging teams to start Career Mode.

2. Hire the best players

The best teams are built with the best players! But in order not to spend money unnecessarily, you need to know the best deals. Young players or even veterans can be good options, check out our lists of the best:

  • young promises
  • good and cheap
  • End of contract
  • Books
  • veterans
  • Loan

3. Go back in the transfer window

It's a technique used by many players to get the best start possible. If you can't sign good players until the first transfer window closes, restart Career Mode.

Starting with a good squad is very important for the success of the first season. Don't see this as cheating, but rather as a strategy.

4. Create a large cast

The seasons are long and there are many competitions to compete in, but there is no player who can handle playing every game. When you are building your team think that you will need several players in the same positions.

Our tip is to always bet on stronger starters and think about hiring reserves that play several positions. When your most important players get tired or injured, always have players ready to play.

5. Sell more expensive than you bought

Knowing how to sell well is the key to managing your team's money well. Always think that you need to profit from the players you buy, even if your team is a millionaire.

When someone wants to buy a player, always try to negotiate for more expensive ones. Do not overdo the approach, as this can immediately drive away purchase intentions. So, normally the value that you can ask for the player is very close to the maximum you can ask.

6. Stay tuned for renewals

Nobody likes to lose superstars and sometimes they will want to move to a bigger team. When players are nearing the end of their contracts, renew them early.

If players ask for a lot of money to renew, sometimes it's worth making the sacrifice. Remember that later you can sell the player and recover the money invested in him. When players leave at zero cost, it's always a loss.

7. Pay attention to conversations with players

Several times your players who play little will ask for an opportunity. We always recommend that you give your players a chance, otherwise they will be dissatisfied and will want to leave the team.

You have to manage young players with potential well. The ideal is to take advantage of less important competitions such as internal cups to play with the weakest players.

8. Organize your scouts well

You should give your scouts more detailed directions so they can do a good search. One of the filters we recommend is the search for players who are at the end of their contract. So you can stay tuned and sign good players without spending money.

Also don't forget to send your scouts to the most competitive championships. Spain, England, France, Germany and Italy are the five most important countries.

9. Don't Skip Workouts

Training is a fundamental part for your young people with potential to evolve better. Playing is the most important thing to go up in overall, but training can get you up faster.

If you do the workouts manually, you will get better results. But that's it, if you're a patient guy, we recommend it.

10. Watch out for rumors

When there is a rumor about a transfer, it is usually because there is real interest in the player. Here, you can identify opportunities to sign players.

If it's a rumor related to a player who wants to sign, don't waste time and try to start negotiating.

11. Save players for important competitions

To win the Champions League, you need to bet hard. Our advice is that if you have the league under control, you should always save your best players for the Champions League matches.

Remember that the money you can earn in the Champions League is much higher than in domestic competitions. Always take your players to 100% for these matches.

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