11 tips to do well in GTA Online

GTA Online can be a very hostile game for beginners. Everyone is looking for easy money and has no problem eliminating it at the first opportunity. In an open world where crime is king, you can expect a lot of competition.

Check out these tips to confidently launch yourself into the world of crime!

1. Get your free car and shotgun

By joining Rockstar Social Club, you will earn a free shotgun which can be picked up at an Ammunition store.

Plus, by linking to your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account, you earn a free Elegy RH8 car. To receive it, simply access the Legendary Motorstorm website. This vehicle comes in several different colors and insurance is included.

2. Buy a garage

An important investment. As soon as you earn enough money, buy a garage. In addition to being able to store your cars, you can also protect yourself, because no one can access to your garage unless you give permission.

Later, when you have more money, it is worth investing in other types of properties.

3. Insure your vehicle

It's critical that you insure your car as soon as you get one that's worth keeping. So if it gets lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can replace it immediately with just a phone call to the insurance company.

But for the new car to be insured, you have to pay a percentage of 10% of the original value.

4. Try Passive Mode

You can try Passive Mode if you're tired of being shot constantly. With this option active, opponents they won't be able to shoot you, but you won't be able to shoot them either. Each time you activate this mode, you have to pay $100 to be safe for 15 minutes.

While this saves you from most situations, it doesn't make you completely invulnerable. You can be run over or caught in explosions, so always be careful even when playing in this mode.

5. Play solo to level up safely

Although GTA Online is a multiplayer game, you can try playing it alone. start one Solo session in the game menu to explore the world, do missions and participate in races without other players bothering you.

You won't be able to earn money in this mode, but you will earn RP and will practice your gameplay before launching out into the world.

6. Easy money? sell cars

For you to start accumulating your fortune, the best thing to do is sell stolen cars. Take a vehicle in good condition and go to the nearest garage to sell it.

The better the car condition, the more money you will receive. However, cars above a certain value are not accepted. So, you should look for the models Felon GT, Gallivanteer Baller, Lampadati Felon, Ocelot F620 e Ubermacht Oracle.

7. Don't forget your mask if you're going to rob Convenience Stores

It's important to wear a mask when robbing convenience stores so the employee doesn't recognize you. This is essential to keep robbing the same stores without increasing the difficulty.

To buy a mask, go to Vespucci beach. There you will find a seller of this type of products.

8. Keep your money in the bank

It is important that you keep your money in the bank to don't lose it if it's stolen. If you are carrying more than $5,000 in cash and are robbed and killed, in addition to losing the generic $100, you will also lose any cash you have on you over $5,000. Use your cell phone to deposit your money anytime.

9. The minimap is your friend

The game's minimap can help you in many ways. The most important is to show where are the other players in your surroundings.

Opponents will appear as white dots on the map and you can check when they are approaching. If you see this happening, prepare yourself, as you could be ambushed at any time.

10. Never forget who killed you

You can, through Info option in game menu, access your most recent activity. There will appear the names of the players who killed him recently. So if you are looking for revenge, you can always find your killers through this option.

As there are 16 points moving at all times on the minimap, you can use the interaction menu to illuminate a specific point that corresponds to the player you want to follow.

11. Make friends

The best way to enjoy GTA Online is play with others in a group. If the players you are with don't play well, you can always leave the group and venture out alone. But if they are good, then you can keep playing to earn 20% more RP than completing activities on your own.

However, care must be taken to don't be aggressive and kill companions or you'll get a bounty in your name.

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