10 Witcher 3 tips to be the best wizard in the realm

The Witcher 3 is a great RPG, with almost 200 hours of gameplay in total. It's normal that with so much time of gameplay you have some difficulties at times. In this article we have listed 10 essential tips for all players who want to have a less complicated experience.

1. Meditate whenever you can

10 Witcher 3 tips to be the best wizard in the realm

Meditation is one of the least used options by players, although it is one of the important ones. Precisely because it is underestimated, we included it here as a first tip.

It is important in the first place because it is free. Other than food, drinks and other items that restore your health. Meditating makes you regain full health in just a few seconds. The function cannot be used in boss battles, but if you are surrounded by a few low power enemies it is an option.

Also, meditating automatically makes your potions if you have the ingredients for it.

2. Research your enemies

Like any good RPG game, The Witcher 3 has a bestiary and an encyclopedia with all the beings you encounter. This is extremely useful for you to do well in the most diverse battles you will face.

For example, a non-human enemy that enters the bestiary will have information on how to defeat him. What weaknesses and advantages does the monster have over everything, which allows you to find out which Signs, Oils, and Bombs work best on it. This will prevent you from dying a few times facing certain creatures.

3. Find all Power Locations

Places of Power temporarily increase their signals whenever you interact with them. But more importantly, they provide you with skill points, which you can use to evolve Geralt and give him a fighting style closer to what you want. Do not ignore these places at all.

4. Loot everything and everyone

Basic tip, but not all RPG players like The Witcher remember to loot. And the loot here needs to be on everything you come across. If you get a rusty iron pot, great: sell it. If you get a super sword, equip it. Oh, and it might get mutagens from some creatures.

Everything has value in Geralt of Rivia's universe. Just be careful to sell what is really useless. Practically all objects in the game weigh, and at some point you may not be able to move with that much weight.

5. Evolve according to your playstyle

10 Witcher 3 tips to be the best wizard in the realm

Evolving in The Witcher 3 can be a headache if you don't plan ahead. Every time you level up, you gain a skill point, which you can use to improve your signs, your potions, or your physical combat. And this choice is very important for your success in the game.

That's why we recommend that you apply skill points according to your combat style. If you prefer sword strikes, it might be better to increase the power of this type of skill. If you use that mix of potions or signs, you already know.

Being careful in assigning points is essential so that you don't regret it later.

6. Discover a method of combat

The previous tip is closely linked to this one. In The Witcher 3 just doing random swords doesn't solve anything. Especially against bigger monsters. It is certain that you will die quickly.

The first thing to think about here is your defense strategy. Yes, you have to learn to defend yourself! It can be with detours, with blocks, whatever. The important thing is that it works and you don't die.

Try to find out how each enemy attacks. This will allow you to find the right time between one hit and another from the opponent to attack him. Parrying is only possible against human enemies, whether against swords or arrows.

Oh, and don't forget that fighting while controlling Ciri is another fighting style. She has only one Sign, which slows down time, but has a quick dodge ability. She explores everything she can and remember that every fight is unique!

7. Don't save the game all the time

10 Witcher 3 tips to be the best wizard in the realm

This tip may seem bizarre, but it is not. Let's say you've faced an enemy, taken a beating and are now low on health. For some reason he didn't recover his health and decided to face a super monster. He saved just before him and got stuck on a story mission. Boring, isn't it?

The right thing is to have a strategy even to save. Make sure you're in a "neutral" location, where you won't enter a more complex main quest or sidequest. Recover all life, in any way, and then save the game.

8. Always have food with you

Apples, bread, cheese, carrots and any other food are essential even for a Witcher like Geralt. So be sure to invest your coins in having a good supply of food. They're really useful in and out of battles, so don't waste them when you find them in loot.

9. Purchase all repair kits

Blacksmiths repair all your armor and swords whenever you pay for it. The problem is that there won't always be one available at every crossroads. So have repair kits in your bag. Buy all you can find, as you never know when your best weapon is going to break and literally let you down.

10. Go to the bank of Novigrad

10 Witcher 3 tips to be the best wizard in the realm

Novigrad is not just one of the biggest cities created for an open world roleplaying game. She has everything Geralt needs, including a... bank. In fact, it is the only bank in the entire game, the Vivaldi. The dwarf who names the place is a great friend of Geraldão, and makes his life easier in a certain way.

You may have already noticed that the in-game currency is Crowns. But along his adventure he also meets Orens and Florens. Vivaldi exchanges these coins for Crowns, free of charge, which is great. The only problem is the bank doesn't show up on the map. Nothing that a ride through the city streets can't solve.

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