10 Pokemon Fire Red Tips: Best Team, Legendary Pokemon, and Rare Candy

Pokémon Fire Red is one of the coolest games in the franchise. In this article we have brought you some tips to make your journey easier. We give some suggestions for powerful teams, such as choosing the best starter, location of legendary Pokémon and other good tips to do well!

1. Choose the starter with the Legendary Dogs in mind

10 Pokemon Fire Red Tips: Best Team, Legendary Pokemon, and Rare Candy
Who doesn't want a Charizard...

Choosing a starter Pokémon is one of the most difficult of all Pokémon games. In the case of Fire Red, this is even more complicated, as the choice of your first creature interferes up front, when capturing the legendary dogs. That's why:

  • If you choose Bulbasaur: Entei
  • If you choose Charmander: Suicune
  • If you choose Squirtle: Raikou

Note that the Dog corresponds to the weakness of its starter, but that doesn't mean much, because by the time you find it, you'll have other creatures that can stand up to it.

2. Catch a Pikachu in Veridian Forest

Not everyone realizes that you can practically have a Pikachu as a starter. Just go to Veridian and capture one. This is important because Pikachu is one of the strongest Pokémon, especially Electric-type. Also, it's great to face Misty, Sabrina and even Lorelei and Lance, from the Elite 4.

Thunderbolt and Thunder are two of the most powerful attacks he can learn, in addition to HMs such as Strength!

3. Evolua Pikachu para Raichu

But a Pikachu will never be as powerful as a Raichu. Forget the anime and the fact that Ash's Pikachu is almost legendary. In games like Fire Red, what really matters is to evolve your Pokémon to the maximum.

In the case of Raichu, the main improvement in terms of stats is in HP, Attack and Defense. Besides, Raichu learns attacks that its pre-evolution doesn't, like Dig, Thunder Punch, Discharge and even Hyper Beam!

To get a Thunder Stone, just go to Celadon's main mall.

4. Focus on building the perfect team

10 Pokemon Fire Red Tips: Best Team, Legendary Pokemon, and Rare Candy
A good example of a strong team!

The perfect team in Pokémon Fire Red is balanced and balanced in relation to the types of Pokémon you carry among the 6. Of course, you can't have one of each type, but you can build a team that is resistant and strong in relation to most of opponents.

The important thing is that you don't make your choices based solely on preferences or because you think a certain Pokémon is cooler than another. So see 4 team suggestions, starting from your starter Pokémon and one counting as if Pikachu was the starter and without any of the 3 official starters:

1. Time do Bulbassaur

  • Venussaur
  • Arcanine
  • Gyarados
  • Nidoking / Nidoqueen
  • Snorlax

2. Time do Charmander

  • Charizard
  • Nidoking / Nidoqueen
  • Lapras
  • Jolteon
  • primeape
  • Dragonite

3. Time do Squirtle

  • Blastoise
  • Jolteon
  • Tauros
  • Alakazam
  • gengar
  • Aerodactyl

4. Time do Pikachu

  • raichu
  • Dragonite
  • Gyarados
  • exeggutor
  • Arcanine
  • Nidoking / Nidoqueen

5. Use Amulet Coin to earn more money

One way to get a lot of money in Pokémo Fire Red is to sell Nuggets and Pearls in Markets, as they make a lot of money. But the most constant is to use Amulet Coin, as it doubles the amount of cash obtained after any battle. Simply equip the item to a Pokémon.

Getting Amulet Coin is easy. Capture at least 40 species of Pokémon and head to Celadon. Head towards the bike path. In the building that connects the bike path to Celadon, go up to the second floor and talk to the professor to get the item.

To really earn a lot of money, you must go to islands 5 and 6 of Sevii. There you have the richest fighters in the game, so beat them all. Then use VS Seeker to fight them once more, earning even more money.

6. Visit the Sevii Islands to capture stronger Pokémon

Speaking of the Sevii Islands, let's go to them. There are 7 in all, and there are 2 more if you participate in Nintendo events. It's full of rare Pokemon, items, and high-level trainers. You can get there via Vermillion.

The first 3 islands can be visited once you defeat Blaine, the seventh Kanto Gym Leader. Just beat him and Bill will take you to the islands.

The next 4 become available after you defeat the Elite 4 and obtain the National Dex. Talk to Celio on Island 1 and he will give you the Rainbow Pass to access Islands 4, 5, 6 and 7.

7. Collect all Rare Candies in the game

Rare Candies level up any Pokémon, so they are must-have items! See below the location of all of them in Fire Red:

  • Mt. Moon
  • Behind a house in Cerulean
  • Rocket Game Corner
  • Ghost Tower
  • Behind the stone at Safari Zone's Warden's House
  • Victory Road
  • Cape Brink (second island)
  • Lost Cave (fifth island)
  • Route 6
  • Route 12
  • cycling road
  • Tenth floor of Silph Co.
  • Third floor of Pokemon Mansion

8. Get the best Fire, Water and Grass attacks

A simple and basic tip, but one that can give even more power to your dream team. If you go to Move Tutor on Sevii Island 2, any Pokémon you choose, whether Grass, Fire, or Water, can learn the best attack of one of those types. As long as it's in its last form.

See what the attacks are:

  • Water: Hydro cannon
  • Plant: Frenzy plant
  • Fire: Blast burn

Just pay attention that the moves can only be taught ONCE. That is: if a Charizard learns Blast Burn, its Arcanine can no longer have this attack.

9. Location of Legendary and Rare Pokémon

10 Pokemon Fire Red Tips: Best Team, Legendary Pokemon, and Rare Candy
One of the hardest battles in the game

In Pokémon Fire Red you can capture several legendary Pokémon. In a very short way we will show you where they are and give you an accurate tip for a good capture.

Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres - Level 50

The three Kanto birds are quite easy to find and relatively easy to catch. They are at level 50, so all you need is a Pokemon 5 levels above that has an advantage over them, plus an Ultra Ball or Great Ball if you're lucky.

  • Articuno: Seafoam Island
  • Zapdos: Power Plant
  • Moltres: Rainbow Island 1 - Mt. Peak

Mewtwo - Level 70

Some say it's worth saving the Master Ball for Mewtwo. In Pokémon Fire Red it is better to tire him out, put him to sleep and use an Ultra Ball. Save the Master for the legendary dog.

To make it available, beat the Elite 4, get the National Dex and fix the Network Machine on Sevii Island 1. Then it will be in the Unknown Dungeon in Cerulean.

Suicune, Raikou and Entei - Level 50

As stated in the first tip, you can only have (without cheat) one of the legendary dogs. It will depend on your choice of starter. Either way, you must beat the Elite 4 to make the dog appear in random Kanto grams.

Some tips on catching these dogs:

  • Save the Master Ball for the dog
  • Use Max Repel when hunting the dog in Kanto, as it will prevent any Pok√©mon from spawning except the dog.
  • Dogs change region whenever you enter a battle, enter a building, or switch regions
  • After you find a dog and it runs away from the battle, you can see where it is in the Pok√©dex. So enter the exit of a building until the Pok√©mon appears in the region you are in.
  • If you don't have the Master Ball:
    • Use Paralyze, Freeze and Sleep to keep the dog in battle
    • Prevent him from using Roar
    • Leave the Pokemon with 10% health
    • If you take 50% health in one battle, in the next battle it will spawn with the same 50% health

Ho-oh and Lugia - Level 70

Ho-oh is on Rainbow Island 8, top left. Lugia is on the right and also at the top.

Deoxys - Level 30

Deoxys is the weakest in terms of level. It's on Rainbow Island 9, becoming available after the puzzle is solved.

Unown - varied levels

First go to Quest Island, which is Sevii Island 7. In Sevault Canyon you will move the rocks into the holes, using Strength, releasing the Tanoby Key item.

Just south of the island you will use the Surf to go to the 7 caves to the east and west. The 27 Unown can be captured in these caves!

10. Always have a featured Pokémon

Finally, our last tip is that you have a standout Pokémon. There are those who advise that all Pokémon on the team have the same level. This is nice in theory, but in practice it doesn't work very well. Ideally, one of the little monsters should have 5 or 10 levels more than the others.

This Pokémon must have attacks of different types, as it becomes strong against multiple enemies at the same time. Ideal, for example, in the Pokémon League!

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