10 Minecraft house ideas to inspire you!

Minecraft is for many a building game. And one of the coolest things is building houses full of personality! In this article we have compiled some really cool ideas for you to get inspired! Check it out below!

1. Medieval House

Minecraft: How To Build A Small Medieval House Tutorial

Everyone has seen some medieval house in Minecraft. They are usually made of stone, but some prefer a wooden variation. They usually have towers, fireplaces and all those features that a good house from the Middle Ages should have.

This idea, which you can see in the video, is a mix of several common ideas seen in the game. It mixes stone and wood, bringing a comfortable simplicity that will appeal to all types of players. It reminds a lot of the houses of games like Skyrim and The Witcher 3.

2. Submerged house

Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A Modern Underwater House "2022 Easy Tutorial"

Let's play Aquaman or SpongeBob and live under the ocean waves! This is a super different house than the standard, and we bet you never thought you could build something like this.

The way it is built prevents the interior from having water. Plus there's an elevator that takes you back to the surface without getting wet. In other words: it is perfect for those who want to escape the madness of the world on dry land.

3. Tree house

Minecraft 1.14 Starter Tree House Tutorial

Who never dreamed of having a tree house?! Well then! In Minecraft this is possible, and we can tell you that it looks really cool. This type of house is not only beautiful and different, but also functional, as it allows you to better defend yourself against some unexpected nocturnal invaders.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the choice of tree to assemble the house. Here it is almost necessary to have an architect's eye, which can take some time. Oh, and don't forget to have a ladder to go up and down, otherwise you might get stuck!

4. Japanese house

How To Build A Japanese Peasant's House | Minecraft Tutorial

Fans of Japanese culture will enjoy building this one. Design is something unique in relation to everything we see out there. From the typically oriental lanterns to the roof in that typical format we see in movies, anime and manga that depict Japan.

Best of all, it's small, so it doesn't take up that much of the players' time. But of course you can take the base and expand it, creating a fortress worthy of an Emperor.

5. Hut in the forest

Cosy Compact House With Porch! - Minecraft Tutorial

If you are really a fan of wild nature, we have another house idea. In addition to being able to live in a tree, you can build a cozy cabin in the middle of the forest. It can be huge or simply a "shack" to isolate itself from the Minecraft world.

This house comes with a small balcony, on which you can build a bench to relax on before setting off on new quests and adventures. Let your imagination run wild and make the improvements you see fit!

6. House on the beach

How to Build a Beach House in Minecraft (Minecraft House Tutorial | Part 1 of 2)

Those who can't live without the sound of the sea, the waves crashing on the beach will surely love this idea. There are many inspirations out there, from mansions to island huts. The one we chose is more modest, and yet it has a small pool that will suit all tastes.

Around there are trees for those who like to stay in the shade. At night, the yellow lamps give a cozy air to the balcony, being another environment for those who like to contemplate landscapes. Even if they are landscapes made with blocks.

7. Technological and contemporary house

Minecraft: Modern House Tour

Tired of living in the middle of the jungle or in the Middle Ages? No problem, we have a very modern idea that will please those who are not fans of rustic environments. You will need bricks, clay, stone and glass, as well as a lot of patience and time.

As we are talking about a mansion with a garden and a private lake, it will certainly take several hours of gameplay for your new home to be ready. But we guarantee it will be worth it, especially if you add a fireplace. It's to call home!

8. Tony Stark's Mansion

Minecraft Maps: Tony Stark's Mansion (Iron Man/Iron Man)

This is simply a masterpiece of Minecraft houses! Can you imagine being able to live where the mighty Iron Man lives? Of course Tony's armors aren't there, but it's still VERY worth investing your time in this build.

And that's exactly the only drawback of this house: it takes days, maybe weeks for you to build it.

9. Space Station


Space stations can also be homes, as several astronauts live there. This is perhaps the most difficult on this list, which may not be a problem for those who have patience and like to dedicate their time to building houses.

Anyway, this station is immense, but it contains everything that a station in space should have. Control panels, bridges and star views. The only thing missing was not having gravity or containing an alien monster.

10. Wayne Manor

Minecraft: BATMAN's Mansion with BATCAVERN! (Wayne Manor)

If we included the Marvel Billionaire's Mansion, then of course we had to include the DC Billionaire's Mansion. This is just one of the dozen variations of Bruce's house ever created in Minecraft. All are gigantic, with several bedrooms, bathrooms and a huge garden. But what makes this special?

Exactly what you're thinking: this version teaches you how to build the Batcave too! Yes, it may take you a month to get everything ready, but it's certain that in the end you won't want to go out to explore anything more than this mansion.

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