10 General Tips for Doing Well in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a lot to do and to master, so we've put together 10 good tips for you to do well in the game! These are simple actions, but they can improve your gameplay and make your farm evolve faster!

1. Start growing crops right away

Once you start the game you will have 15 turnip seeds. Plant them immediately and don't forget to water them, otherwise they will never grow. Then don't stop: go to Pierre's shop and buy more seeds. Cauliflower and potato seeds are good options because when you harvest them you can sell them for a lot more.

2. Know what to plant in each season

Stardew Valley is quite realistic in the sense that some crops will not bring in a good return if they are not planted in the right season. We thought about it and tell you below which seeds belong to each season:


Product Earnings from sale Where to buy
Parsnip 35g Pierre's store
Potato Chips 80g Pierre's store
Cauliflower 190g Pierre's store
Pod 40g Pierre's store
Cabbage 110g Pierre's store
Strawberry 500g egg festival


Product Earnings from sale Where to buy
Hop 25g Pierre's store
Blueberry 50g Pierre's store
Chili pepper 40g Pierre's store
Doing 90g Pierre's store
Wheat 25g Pierre's store
Melon 250g Pierre's store
Corn 50g Pierre's store
Tomato 60g Pierre's store


Product Earnings from sale Where to buy
Cranberry 75g Pierre's store
Pumpkin 320g Pierre's store
Grapes 80g Pierre's store
Artichoke 160g Pierre's store
Chinese cabbage 80g Pierre's store
Eggplant 60g Pierre's store
Yam 160g Pierre's store
Amaranth 150g Pierre's store
rare seeds 3000g gypsy wagon

3. Choose the planting area carefully

A pumpkin or a melon can randomly grow to giants. But this is only possible if the planting area of ​​this type of plantation is spacious. So when you throw the seeds in the ground, pay attention to these details. The bigger the harvest, the more money you have!

4. Don't invest in animals at the beginning of the game

It's great to be surrounded by chickens, pigs or cows, but investing in livestock early in the game can take a toll on your wallet. When winter comes, grass, the natural food of animals, will not grow as quickly as it would in other seasons. You will have to buy pasture, which comes out to 50g. Soon, your savings will be zero in the blink of an eye!

5. Cut wood and stock

Plantations up to date? Great: it's time to go chop wood. Wood is a very valuable item and you shouldn't sell it if you don't need immediate cash. With it you can build new buildings and important tools for the development of your small farm!

6. Don't forget the bridge on the beach

On the left side of the beach there is a broken bridge. With 300 pieces of wood you can repair it, which gives access to natural pools. Every day there are animals and items that you can collect to sell to Willy the fisherman. It is a very useful and easy way to increase your wealth.

7. Focus on the gold mines

On the fifth day of spring in your first year the gold mines will be released. In addition to the gold itself, which is already something wonderful, there are items with very high sales value. There are 120 levels, and the deeper you can get, the better the items.

Bring all the tools you can, including a ladder. In addition, you will gain a sword to eliminate the creatures that lurk in the dark corners of the mine. So it might be good to bring food to get your energy back.

8. Master fishing

Fishing is a fun hobby that can earn you good money. The problem is that in the beginning it is one of the most difficult activities to master. Once Willy gives you the fishing rod, look for spots in the water that are bubbling, as these spots tend to have the most fish.

Another tip is to cast the line as far as possible, as this guarantees rarer fish. When you hook something, an exclamation point will appear on the screen. Press the action button and only release it when the fish is out of the water, otherwise you can lose it.

9. Watch TV before bed

Yes, this is important! Watch the weather channel. He will tell you if the next day will rain or if the weather will be fine. So you can plan the day, assembling the backpack according to what you are going to work on. If it's going to rain, it's not even worth going to plant. Go to the mines soon.

The Survival channel gives tips for finding and collecting good items outdoors, while Cooking teaches you new recipes to increase your HP. Finally, the fortune-telling channel tells you whether the next day will be lucky or unlucky. If you're lucky, fish or hit the mines!

10. Upgrade your backpack

Finally, your inventory needs to be increased. Initially with a capacity for 12 items, it's not enough. So talk to Pierre and invest in doubling the spaces. This will be even more useful when you go to the mines, as you will have a lot of items that you will want to take with you to sell and make good money.

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