10 games similar to Friday Night Funkin' to keep the momentum going!

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Friday Night Funkin' continues to gain more and more fans, but for those who don't want to wait for more updates to the fashion game, we've selected below 10 similar games for you to continue the musical challenges on the main gaming platforms. Check out!

1. Taiko

Platform: PC (browser)

Taiko is one of the most popular rhythm games in the world. Instead of arrows, here we must press keys to play a virtual drum in rhythm with the notes that appear on the screen. The visual identity of the game is very well crafted and the animations are very well done. The game has many songs (always Japanese), modes and difficulty levels that please from the most casual players to the most intense.

Access the game here

2. Chainsaw Dance

Platform: PC (browser)

Chainsaw Dance is a music game based on the anime and manga Chainsaw Man. The game has a visual identity that resembles Friday Night Funkin', but has songs with very varied and exciting rhythms and genres.

Access the game here

3. Feed the Beet

Platform: PC (browser)

Feed the Beet is a simple rhythm game with 8-bit graphics. Here the only objective is to get the highest score possible before being defeated, so the songs never end and the difficulty level increases as time goes on. Overall, it's an easier game than others on this list, more geared towards those who like to beat their own records.

Access the game here

4. Rhythm Doctor

Platform: PC and Nintendo Switch

Rhythm Doctor is a little music game with a very interesting premise. Here we control a doctor using a defibrillator that must be played in rhythm with the patients' heartbeats in order to save their lives. All the music in the game is very nice and the visual identity is very minimalistic. The big difference here is that you only need to press a key at the right pace, but that doesn't mean that the game doesn't become quite difficult in some stages, especially in boss battles.

Download the game here

5. Stepmania

Platform: PC

Stepmania is one of the great classics of rhythm games on PC. The game is totally open for customization by the community, so it has a huge content not only in terms of music, but also in themes, modes and difficulty levels. The game just doesn't have characters and stories like in FNF, but the gameplay is exactly the same.

Download the game here!

6. Osu!

Platforms: PC and iOS

Despite being one of the most famous rhythm games, we left Osu! a little further down the list as it doesn't have much in common with Friday Night Funkin'. The game mixes keyboard and mouse commands and has thousands of songs and many levels of difficulty for those who like serious challenges. The game is also much more beautiful in visual terms, with many flashy effects on the screen always synchronized with the music.

Download the game here!

7. Muse Dash

Plataformas: PC, Nintendo Switch, Android e iOS

Muse Dash is one of the most enjoyable little games on this list. With totally cartoon-style visuals, here we need to press the right keys and at the right pace to attack enemies and continue advancing in a platforming scenario. The songs are very lively and the gameplay is very, very addictive.

  • Download the PC game here
  • Download the Android game here
  • Download the game for iOS here

8. Arcaea

Plataformas: Nintendo Switch, Android e iOS

Arcaea is one of the best rhythm games on mobile devices. The game has very good graphics, full of brilliant visual effects and very lively music. In addition to having to press the right notes at the right times, the gameplay involves swiping your fingers across the screen in multiple directions, offering a more innovative experience.

  • Download the Android game here
  • Download the game for iOS here

9. Bang Dream

Platforms: Android and iOS

Another anime-themed game, Bang Girls is perfect for anyone who likes Japanese rhythm games. All the songs are extremely lively and the visual identity couldn't be more flashy and full of characters talking and singing at the same time. The game also has gacha mechanics to unlock more content, and it also has a campaign in which you can advance and learn about the characters' history.

  • Download the Android game here
  • Download the game for iOS here

10. Orzmic

Platform: Android

Finally, a more basic game with fewer visual effects on the screen. Orzmic has music from different genres and an adjustable level of difficulty, but never too difficult. Since there's no story to follow, a big part of the fun is actually trying to beat your own record.

Download the game here!

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