10 FIFA 19 tips that will make you win every match!

FIFA 19 has arrived bringing a series of new features compared to the previous version. Changes have been made to both the defensive system and the offensive system, which takes some practice. In other words: even the most professional need some tips to achieve mastery and victories on the virtual lawns.

In this article, therefore, you will see some essential tips for those who want to do well in "fifoso". They range from careful marking to the right way to attack and reach the opponent's goal. It's to become the best player ever!

1. Use and abuse the new Dynamic Tactics

One of the most celebrated news for those who were already a FIFA veteran was the introduction of the new tactics system. It is now possible to define how your team will behave both defensively and offensively. It is possible to combine a defensive form in boom with a quick offensive exit, in counterattack, for example.

But this only has value even if you use Game Plans. The Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Offensive and Ultra Offensive Plans can now be edited prior to entering the pitch. It is possible to define specific schemes and tactics for each Plan. It may not seem like it, but it changes the whole dynamic of your team.

Utilizing this new tactics mode is therefore critical. Only then can you adapt your style of play to opponents and different ways of playing.

2. Time the game and have possession of the ball

FIFA 19 is much slower than FIFA 18. In fact, in the previous title it was enough to run with a super fast player through the defenders and that's it, the goal was practically guaranteed. Not anymore. Players tire more quickly when they spend the entire game running around. Which leads us to the fact that the best thing is to keep the ball.

With the ball at your feet, you must cadence the game. Touch the ball calmly from one player to the next. Take advantage of the defensive midfielders, defenders and sides to do this when setting up the team for attack. A big mistake of many beginner players is wanting to leave with the attacking midfielders and the forwards directly into the opponent's area.

There needs to be a progression from the defensive system to the defensive system. In this sense, the first tip and this one go together. Establishing tactics that fit your game system is very important. And in FIFA 19, opt for tactics that allow for a slow and patient but efficient game.

3. Be patient in defense

Everyone knows how to score goals. Defending, however, is unfortunately the weakness of many FIFA players. Since the Tactical Defense system was implemented, it's been hard to get the boats and carts on time. An advantage of FIFA 19 is that this system is much simpler to master. Still, the premise remains that having patience is the best deal to defend.

Don't be in a hurry to steal the opponent's ball. If you lost possession of the roundabout, retreat the team and surround the opponent. Try to press on all zones, however without precipitation. It's even worth allowing the other team to get a little closer to your midfielder, if that gives you more chances to regain possession of the ball.

Here game reading is very important. Try to identify the opponent's style of play. Notice if he plays more on the sides of the field or if he will try to infiltrate through the middle. This makes it easier to hit the boat at the right time. And the boat needs to be given standing, preferably, so avoid the cart. All you don't need to do is commit a foul at the edge of the area or even inside it.

One last tip regarding defense is to leave the defenders in place. A cohesive and efficient defense system uses defenders only as a last resort. Choose to defend progressively: first with the forwards, then with the midfielders and finally only with the defenders, if there is no other alternative.

4. Know when to make short passes and when to make long passes

Learning the right timing to make passes is not exclusive to FIFA 19. In this last title in particular, however, having this skill is key. As you may already know, the defensive system is smarter. Both the defenders and the first men in the middle are often ahead of time to intercept the opposing ball.

At the same time, the famous "body game" was also improved. Bigger and stronger players are now able to beat those with less physique. From this, it is necessary to have an idea and almost perfect timing of the pass. Know when the short and fast pass between the closest players best fits. So you should know when it's best to risk the long pass.

5. Vary the way you attack

Until you come face to face with the goalkeeper there is a long way to go, with at least ten opponents. Now that you know how to defend and exchange passes correctly, you need to learn how to attack. In FIFA 19, attacking requires strategy. Think of the lawn as a large checkerboard, where your every move is intended to leave an opponent behind.

Bearing this in mind, it is important to design your strategy thinking about two different types of attacks: counterattack e positional attack. O counterattack is based on playing on the opponent's mistake. It's stealing the ball in your defense field or even in the midfield and quickly leaving for the opponent's area.

The problem with the counterattack is that it only works on teams that have very fast players. In addition, tactics have to favor this type of strategy. As FIFA 19 brought slower gameplay and that even punishes those who run too much with fatigue, perhaps the strategy that should prevail is that of positional attack.

This type of attack is basically touching the ball from one side of the field to the other. But do it objectively. Be patient, but seek the goal. At some point the opponent will open a gap in the defense and you will be able to approach your goal. Just be careful not to miss the timing of the pass. This can give the opponent an opportunity to counterattack.

6. Dribble like Ronaldinho, not Neymar

All our countrymen like soccer Joga bonito, played by the legendary Ronaldinho Gaúcho and currently by Neymar Jr. But there is a difference between these two styles of dribblers. The former almost always dribbled looking for a goal or a pass to a teammate. The second, however, often dribbles just for the sake of dribbling.

That makes all the difference in FIFA 19. You have more than a dozen different dribbles and feints you can do. These classy touches are in the game to your advantage, so use them wisely. Dribble only when necessary, and only if it's going towards the goal. Dribbling backwards is not only unproductive, it can lead to the loss of the ball and an opponent's counterattack.

Don't forget that we're talking about FIFA 19, not FIFA Street. Football is teamwork, not an individual sport.

7. Take advantage of dead balls

Set pieces are always an asset in FIFA. A well-placed free kick can mean a victory in stoppage time in an important match. Just as a corner can yield goals when the game is very truncated and difficult to play with the ball on the ground.

Every team has its player of excellence when it comes to taking a free-kick, corner or penalty. Find out what your team is and train hard with it. What's more, top players like Messi, CR7 and Bale have different free kick styles. Sometimes being good to one doesn't mean being good to another. So train always and with everyone you can.

8. Master the finishes

Everyone has already arrived in the face of the goal and sent the ball out of the stadium when playing FIFA 19. The presence of Timed Finishing came in this edition of FIFA either to make life easier or to make it difficult for attackers. Therefore, it is essential that you master shooting to score goals.

In addition to pressing the button to set the strength of the kick, it is necessary to give one more click at the right moment for the kick to go perfectly. Also, of course, you need to direct the ball so that it doesn't go anywhere. It seems like a lot to think about at this crucial time, but it's all about training.

Finally, don't go kicking around anywhere and for any reason. Sometimes whoever kicks the least, scores the most.

9. Replace tired players

Even Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo get tired after a long time on the field. It's very important to know when to make the substitutions, because an exhausted player is like one less player. Get to know your team and know in advance who tires out the fastest.

This makes everything easier, since in FIFA 19, as in 18, you can program substitutions. So you don't even have to pause to make the exchanges. The game itself will suggest the switch when the time comes.

10. Return to intersections

Something that made many fifeiros happy was the fact that EA has improved the mechanics surrounding crossovers. In FIFA 18 it was practically impossible to take the ball to the baseline, cross it and get the ball into the net. Now, in FIFA 19, crossing goals are back and are a good game option.

So don't give up on this feature. Just as corners can open a game that was truncated, crosses with the ball rolling can save a lost game. Even more so if you have some of the tallest players in FIFA 19 on your team.

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