10 best street racing games of all time

The underground racing scene (called "streaks" in our country) is part of a feature that aroused the interest of players. Street racing is illegal anyway, but it is accepted in many types of media. Video games have the potential to immerse gamers in a world foreign to them.

We in no way want to promote street racing. The act is described as highly dangerous in video games. However, taking the virtual path to take on rival players for cash or pink slips is just as satisfying when you win. Do you have what it takes to conquer the underground racing scene?

10. The Fast And The Furious

Street racing continues to have a significant influence on the media today. The Fast and the Furious is the product of a keen interest in the illegal form of racing. It is based on the Fast & Furious film series, with an emphasis on Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

The game features eight real-world dealerships. One can visit Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda and even a US Naval Base dealership. The purpose of the latter is for cars imported by stationed soldiers.

9. The Crew 2

Developer Ivory Tower had a vision of a street racing game unlike any other. A sequel later, The Crew 2 improved on its predecessor. It is an open world racing game that requires players to be online to play.

Fortunately, The Crew 2 is constantly being updated, which is why it deserves a spot on this list. It contains one of the largest open worlds for racing games and a robust collection of licensed vehicles.

8. Street Racing Syndicate

Some street racing games are more in tune with the street racing focus. Street Racing Syndicate takes players into the illegal underground world of street racing.

Modify your ride to transform into a hot vehicle ready for drag racing and circuit racing. Tear off the clutch and put it in fifth gear. Street Racing Syndicate captures the essence of street racing, perhaps better than any other game.

7. Need For Speed ​​(2022)

Need for Speed ​​(2022) was one of the most realistic racing games when it came out. The open world of Ventura Bay is a sprawling area with an urban vibe. Race head to head with other players online and adopt their vehicle.

We would have placed Need for Speed ​​(2022) higher if it had more customization and refined driving mechanics. That won't stop many from becoming a racing icon in Need for Speed ​​(2022).

6. Midnight Club II

The sequel to Midnight Club: Street Racing is in a different league than its predecessor. Midnight Club II features an online multiplayer mode.

The game even lets you race on a motorcycle while visiting locations like Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Midnight Club II is one of the few street racing games that enforces that there are no rules. You'll find shortcuts and collisions that are part of the fun.

5. Need For Speed: Underground

The first game in the Underground series was an instant classic. At a time when street racing was becoming popular in the media, Need for Speed: Underground was the ultimate forbidden racing game.

This reboot was a commercial success for accurately capturing street racing. It featured a variety of imported cars, which differed from previous Need for Speeds exotics. The use of nitrous oxide in racing was a game-changer.

4. Need For Speed Heat

Technically, Need for Speed ​​Heat may be the most advanced street racing game from a technical standpoint, but it's not groundbreaking.

If you're looking for a decent street racing game with stunning graphics, Need for Speed ​​Heat might be for you. The game has a mix of day and night racing that blends in well with the underground racing scene. With an extensive lineup of vehicles, this game is a must for street racing enthusiasts.

3. Burnout 3: Takedown

The act of colliding with other vehicles mid-race has been the basis of dispute between players. While some players think crashing into other cars is cheating, others agree that it makes the game more enjoyable. Burnout 3: Takedown took this pointless act and made it the main focus of the game – the result, a highly entertaining game that few could have predicted.

Accidents are emphasized tenfold, leading to some of the craziest crashes you can imagine. This street racing game has really taken takedowns to a whole new level.

2. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

When developers Electronic Arts were at the height of the racing scene, Need for Speed: Most Wanted was a street racing masterpiece. This open world game had a lot of car customization, and the driving mechanics were just the right combination of arcade and realistic driving.

The game was widely available on most platforms such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Android, iOS and more. Heavily inspired by Need for Speed: Underground, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is relevant so many years later.

1. Need For Speed: Underground 2

The sequel to Need for Speed: Underground responded with a fully explorable open world and more vehicle customization than we've ever seen. Add a neon glow under the car, add a robust speaker to the trunk or give your vehicle a body kit; the sky is the limit.

It contains a memorable soundtrack, a robust lineup of cars and much more. We wouldn't be surprised if Need for Speed: Underground 2 gets a remake. Trick your stock car before hitting the road like a street racing prodigy gives this game immense replay value.

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